You Clicked the Purple Box!

You feel yourself flying through time and space. Colors whirl around you, until…You’re at the AGW DOLLHOUSE?

“Hi!!!” Felicity walks over to greet you. You glance at a mirror. YOU’RE a DOLL!!

“AHHHHHH!” You scream.

“It’s okay,” Felicity says. “Emmie and I designed the party so it’s NOT virtual –  it’s a real life party!!”

“Whoa, that’s so cool!” You exclaim. You see some of your blogging besties walking around in doll form and go over to say hi.


“OHMYGOSH, is that you?”

“It is!” You hug your blogging BFF.

“Time for cake!” Alexandra announces. You all sing happy birthday!

Then Lissie opens presents. OH NO! You forgot your present! You start to freak out. What do you do?

If you make an excuse, click here.

If you come clean, keep on reading.

“Hey, Lissie? I kind of forgot my present. It’s right at home.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Felicity says. “You came to my party. That’s the best present I could ask for!”


The End

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