Christmas Collab Day 4: The Songbird’s Surprise

Hello, dear marshmallows! Today is day 4 of the collab. Let’s get started! DISCLAIMER: I took these with a camcorder, which I am still getting the hang of so these may not be the best quality in the world. Z will be in indigo, Tenney in coral, and Alexandra in black. Hello, guys! Welcome back to the Z. Crew. Today […]

look who’s back! // nano summary, monthly recap-style goals, and a whole lot more

Look who’s back! Hello people and dolls of the earth! After 1 month of a hiatus, I am finally…back! NaNoWriMo was super awesome, and I got to gain some writing experience, make some awesome friends (ok, they were all moderators who I emailed about bug reports, but they still count.), and I may have actually….won? […]

A Schedule + Just Making It Clear

In Our Survey, you guys have been suggesting things like schedules*. So I decided to finally post this! Saturday: Photoshoots/Photostories Wednesday: Tags/Awards/Games Thursday: DIYS/Vlogs/Stopmotions I am #Rebellious and I will probably not stick to this schedule but it’s worth a shot XD *Schedules will be ignored in case of Monthly Goals and birthday posts. Hi guys! Lissie […]