BIG Things Are Coming to American Girl World This Summer…{PLEASE READ}

American Girl World has been a huge part of my life ever since I started it two and a half years ago. It’s grown so, so much, even more than I ever imagined.

But I’ve grown too. While I haven’t grown out of dolls, I’ve been noticing some things about this blog really don’t fit me anymore. Like the design, the cluttered categories, the types of posts, formats, writing style – a lot of things like that.

So, I’ve decided to start fresh. No, this isn’t goodbye. I’ve just decided to reinvent AGW, and change some things up that aren’t working for me – and add some new things that are going to be absolutely AMAZING!

School actually got out for me last week, so it’s officially summer for me and the AGW dolls! That means I’m going to have a TON of time to post – and since I have a schedule this year, I won’t get burned out and post like once a month. 😂

So what things are changing, leaving, or coming to American Girl World and the AGW YouTube channel? Well, you’re about to find out!

» New Design

I’ve had the current design for quite a while, and it’s not exactly my favorite. The sidebar is cluttered, the fonts are boring, the arrow is totally overused, and everything isn’t as cohesive as I want it to be.

Recently, I got two amazing clipart packs from PrettyLittleLines.Com, and they are absolutely gorgeous and high-quality! I’m going to be using one of my packs for the new design, and I’m saving the other one for a secret project.

(Because I’m Emmie. I always have a big surprise or secret project. 😂)

Here’s a little sneak peak at the brand-new header/channel art! I’m so excited, this is going to look amazing!

» New Categories

My categories have been cluttered since FOREVER. There are probably over a hundred of them, and when I was nine and first started blogging I used to make a new category for EVERY SINGLE POST.

So, I know this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but I plan to narrow down each category so I only have a few, so everything is super neat and organized. For the other categories, I’ll probably move them as tags.

(Seriously, I’m scrolling through my categories right now, and there’s some for RainBowWriter, #fall, Austin, Jayla, Antique, and Mini. Just…just why??)

» The AGW YouTube Channel

The AGW YouTube channel has been growing and growing, and I’m so excited! (We just hit 50 subscribers, and there’s going to be a HUGE surprise for the celebration!)

But the way it’s integrated with this blog, I’m not super happy about. The actual posts where I embed the videos are super awkward and boring, I literally just paste the description into the body of the post.

I’m still thinking about how I can make these posts better, so do you guys have any ideas? There’s going to be a survey at the bottom of this post, so make sure to leave us some ideas in the survey or the comments.

I’ve been thinking about having some updates below the video like I used to do, or maybe I might talk a little bit about how I made the video. Honestly, I don’t want to take away or distract from the video, but I don’t want the post going along with it to be super boring. This is something I’m still working on, so make sure to give me some ideas!

» TOGETHER (AKA Forever Season 2)

This one I’m probably the most excited about – hence why I’m screaming in all caps! I’m super excited to say that a new series called Together, the sequel to Forever, is coming to AGW this summer!

I’ve already started planning the script, and there’s a TON of drama and awesomeness that you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned! I was originally just going to call it Forever Season 2, but I thought about how different and better it’s going to be, and I decided to change the name.

Plus, the name REALLY fits the theme of the series, and everything that happens is about family and sticking together (but it’s not cheesy). I absolutely CANNOT wait!

I just need to finish planning, write the script, plan the shoot, build the sets, make costumes, film, edit, record voices, and then release stuff. *Dies because that’s going to take like all summer*

» Brand-New Dollhouse?!

My dad, my sister, and I have been talking about doing a summer project! We want to build an all-new dollhouse kind of like this one:

Photo credit:

Ours would have two floors, with three rooms on each floor. There would be a living room (we haven’t come up with a theme yet), a kitchen, and a bathroom (probably with an ocean theme). There would also be a unicorn-themed girls’ room, a galaxy-themed girls’ room, and a sports-themed boys’ room.

It’s always been my dream to have this dollhouse, and I really hope we can make it happen this summer! That would be absolutely incredible, and I’m so excited!

» And a huge surprise (of course)!

You didn’t see this coming, did you? 😉 My latest big surprise is kinda the exact same thing as the secret project mentioned somewhere above. And…it’s going to be BIG.

Remember those initials from the latest ZCN episode? DD stands for something special that involves this project. But, I’m not giving anything away until the official release!

Wait, did I just say release? Hmm, what kind of surprise would need a release? 😉

I mentioned there was going to be a survey, so here it is! It’s basically asking your opinion on all of the new things coming and how we can improve even more.

Please CLICK HERE to take the survey!

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What are you most excited for? Did you take the survey? What do you think the surprise is? Make sure to share this post so more people can take the survey and we can make AGW the best it can be!

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Braving the Backyard: A Photoshoot (Ft. My First Real Camera!)

Hey, marshmallows! Or should I say llamas? BECAUSE I GOT TO TAKE A SELFIE WITH A LLAMA TODAY. AHHHHH! *cuteness overload*


IMG_0947You probably don’t know that I love llamas almost as much as marshmallows! It was so awesome to ACTUALLY. SEE. A. LLAMA. IN. PERSON.

Actually, I’m still in awe of how awesome today was – today was the JDRF OneWalk, an awesome charity event hosted by JDRF! The llama was at the petting zoo they had set up by the tents. It was so awesome to see all these people coming together, raising money and awareness for Type One Diabetes, and walking a 3k or 5k just so people like me can live as normal a life as possible. If you were there today, THANK YOU!!

The day kept getting better and better because I got to set up the Canon PowerShot SX530 my awesome grandma got me for my birthday! Thank you so much, GMa!

Once I got home from Nutcracker practice and my camera battery had charged, I grabbed Z and headed out into the backyard for a photoshoot.


I liked how this picture turned out! With some editing, I brightened her eyes and added a watermark.


This photo barely needed any editing! I love the scarf from her accessories set that she’s wearing.


Her shoes from the 2018 spring mix-and-match collection are super cute, too.




Z: Woooohooooo! This picture was hard to take, but I like the end results!


Can you believe it’s November already? I definitely can’t! I’ve been spending the first few days of NaNo structuring my book, and when I finish, I’ll actually write the book itself for the rest of the month.


Z: Done with the slide! Time to get off.


Z: Hey, what’s this?


Z: Salutations, my loyal subjects! 

I love this one! It might be the best out of the whole photoshoot. It’s really cool how the fence made vignette-type shadows at the edges.


Time for Z to conquer the swings! I had to get on the ground for this photo, but it was worth it!


Isn’t Z so photogenic?


Z: Hey, look at Chewy over there! Hi Chewy!

Bonus Photos!


Aww, Chewy’s so adorable! He loves sniffing the grass for some reason. XD


He looks like he’s in deep thought. XD Don’t look too closely at Z in the background


For some reason, I think this picture of rotten wood looks cool. What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment!

I hope that you had a blessed day! I certainly did. Thanks for a great day, God!

~Emmie (why won’t you show up, signoff??)SignoffSignoffBefore you go, don’t forget to share this post and receive three free desktop and laptop wallpapers AND a bonus, a personalized one delivered straight to your inbox!

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American Girl Live, Christmas Collection, and Contemporary Characters Retiring!

Hey marshmallows!

Oops, I haven’t been posting for a while! I’ve got some videos, surprises (including The Big Surprise) and new posts in the works, so keep a look out for those! Anyways, I’ve got some exciting news for you.

American Girl LiveUntitled design (7)

Today, I was on the American Girl website, and I noticed something once I scrolled to the bottom:

Image credit:

American Girl Live? Apparently, they’re going to do musicals of the dolls’ stories. Let’s head over to the AG Live Tickets website.

*gets distracted by Play games*

*comes back*

Oh yeah, I’m writing a post!

Anyways, in this video, several girls in different locations turn around and smile for some reason. A cheesy lady narrates about how awesome American Girl Live is. Then, they grab their dolls and smile in a theater, where they apparently are watching American Girl Live.2 Despite the weird add, I think this is a unique idea. The earliest show is on December 13, but they haven’t done very much advertising (besides maybe to awards members) – it took me 15 whole minutes of browsing the website before I came across this tiny logo. That’s it for the AG Live – now onto some of the Christmas releases!

Christmas ReleasesUntitled design (7)

*Images credit to

And yes, I am aware they released these at the beginning of October. I’m a professional procrastinator.FVK48_Holiday_Dreams_Pajamas_18inch_Dolls_1

Holiday Dreams Pajamas for 18-inch Dolls – $24

The outfit’s colors scream Christmas duh, Emmie, they’re red, green, and blue and go together nicely. The slippers are cute and fuzzy, and the top looks comfy. There’s nothing really that special about these PJs, but I think they’re worth the price. There are also little girls, girls, and women’s versions of this outfit. I think it’s random for them to suddenly sell women’s sizes in this outfit, but at least they are expanding their size range.


Tis the Season Party Dress for 18-inch Dolls – $36

This outfit is super cute! I love the velvety material and the rhinestone pattern. The shoes are gorgeous! I love how they wrap around the ankles/shins with ribbons. The purse is really cute too. The only problem is the headband – I feel like the rhinestones might come off easily.FVK40_Let_It_Snow_Outfit_18inch_Dolls_1

Winter Sparkles Outfit for 18-inch Dolls – $36

This outfit is really cute, but the shawl kind of looks like it’s choking the doll. I think it would look a lot better without the indistinct designs and a furry sweater instead of the shawl. The leggings and shoes are adorable and have an awesome mix and match opportunities. Again, in the headband, I could do without the flower mandala cross snowflake designs.FVK85_Winter_Sparkles_Outfit_18inch_Dolls_1.jpeg

Winter Sparkles Outfit for 18-inch Dolls – $36

I think this outfit is really cute! I love the trendy, blush/purple-pink colors. The beanie is very mix-and-matchable. I love the trench coat style. The only problem is that it’s fuzzy, so it looks like a bathrobe. But other than that, I love this outfit!06BUN35_Mix_and_Match_for_Dolls_1_Tank_Jacket_Silver_Skirt_Flats_FRJ60_FRK93_FRK87_FRK95_1.jpeg

City Sights Jacket & Silver Starlight Skirt Outfit for 18-inch Dolls – $10.00

(Since there are so many of these mix-and-match items, I’m only going to be reviewing this one.) I really like all the shimmery details on the skirt and the shoes, and the jacket is a nice color. The only thing wrong with this outfit is the shirt. It doesn’t match the rest of the outfit at all! And why is it a tank top? It’s supposed to be the winter release. Overall, this outfit is actually pretty cheap, so that’s nice. I just wish the shirt was black.FVK06_Care_and_Keeping_of_Your_Skin_and_Nails_1.jpeg

The Skin & Nails Book – $9.99

I’ve actually read this book, and it’s really good! I love all the tips they give you, and since I started washing my face the way they recommend it, my skin has been a bit clearer! (I’ve only been washing it for two days, though. 🙂

And that’s it for the reviews! I didn’t want this post to be super long, so I didn’t include all the items they released this winter.

Bye, Contemporary Characters!Untitled design (7)

On American Girl’s website, several months ago they posted a notice that Tenney and Logan were retiring, but then it went away. (Read more about that on Jewel’s post!)


It returned, but all the Contemporary Characters are going to be gone by the end of the year! I just wish they would’ve made these awesome, cute dolls (I say cute wayyyy too much) GOTYs instead of making a separate line that would come and go within a year.

I’m sad to see Z, Tenney, and Logan go, but I won’t really miss Gabby. She hasn’t sold well at all, and her display is a single cube with nothing but her doll and a few outfits in the old packaging.Untitled design (7) What do you think about the new releases? AG Live? Retiring dolls? This post being up so late everyone already knows what I shared? 🙂

Expect to see a Z Crew News, customization, and AGSM posts in the future! I might be going on a hiatus for NaNo, but I’ll see if I can finish my outline in time.Signoff
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