Confetti Eggs, Easter, and Felicity’s Birthday // A Photoshoot

Happy Easter, guys! Felicity here! Last Friday, April 12, was my birthday! My best friend-slash-sister, Lea, was busy modeling for a photo contest Emmie’s in that day, (check out a playlist of all of the photos and rounds so far here!) and I was camping with some of my horseback friends!

So to make up for not being together on my birthday, we decided to have a sleepover in each other’s rooms on Easter, and then when we woke up we went for an egg hunt!

Lea and I have always been there for each other no matter what. We love being around each other so much! I can tell her anything and I can’t stop laughing when we’re together.

I’m kind of shy, but around Lea I totally come out of my shell. I’m, like, a totally different person around her! We’re always hanging out or texting or FaceTiming or doing activities with each other. We’re unseparable!

This isn’t my favorite photo ever, but we were having so much fun when Emmie took it, I don’t mind the fact that it’s kind of off! It was so awesome just getting away from all of the stress and busy-ness of life and just having fun with each other.

Ahhh! Sneak attack! 😜 I just love confetti eggs! I smashed one on Lea when we were posing for the above photo, and she didn’t expect it at all! She jumped and screamed so loud, it was so funny!

Lea was a little bit mad at me at first, but then we just started giggling and couldn’t stop! The confetti got everywhere!

REVENGE! Lea immediately turned around and smashed a green egg into my hair! I screamed, half surprised and half delighted! Even though I turned thirteen last week, we just acted like second graders the whole time, being super goofy and fun!

This egg literally got everywhere! My whole head was coated with blue confetti. What a surprise! Then we just started throwing confetti onto each other, when we decided to do a mini-gymnastics competition, because why not? 😂

I did a cartwheel, but then I landed in egg shells and confetti! We could NOT stop laughing, it was insane.

Lea’s one-handed front walkover was impressive for two reasons: First, it was a front walkover with one hand!! Second, it’s really hard to do a good cartwheel while laughing. 🤣

We plopped onto the floor, giggling still! Confetti was still everywhere. We had SO MUCH FUN just being goofy and weird and funny!

Happy Easter everyone! I hoped you enjoyed this post! Follow along by clicking the blue button in the sidebar, and don’t forget to like this post and leave a comment! Ahhh, I can’t believe I’m 13!

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Meet the Dolls

Lea’s Golden Hour Adventure {a photoshoot}

Hello, my marshmallows! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be an introduction to Lea and her personality, and a photoshoot! (Why do I sound like a YouTuber? It’s annoying.) Lets just…start the post.



Hey guys! I’m Lea. I love adventure and the outdoors! Don’t you just love this location? I’ve always wanted to take pictures here! Lea is so photogenic!


Lea is daring and adventurous and loves to try new things. This photo was really hard to get – I tried to balance her, but she kept falling! In the end I held her up, with my hand out of the frame.


Her motto is Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so Lea sometimes lets Isabelle give her makeovers. I’m working on an American Girl Doll removable makeup tutorial! I just love using this technique on my dolls, they look so pretty!


After a bit of tree climbing, it was time to rest on the bench. Lea is ALMOST looking at the camera. ALMOST.


I just love Lea’s outfit and her beautiful hair! I learned how to fishtail braid on it.


Q: What would you do to get a good picture of your doll? A: Climb up a tree, dangle my iPad off a branch, and twist my body weirdly so I can press the shutter button. XD


I love how this photo makes it look like it’s nighttime in the background and someone is flashing a light at her.


I can’t get over how beautiful this doll is! I have some ideas on how I’m going to incorporate her into Forever Season 2…


Speaking of scripts, I’ve decided that my Camp NaNo project is going to be a script for my Christmas Special stop motion! (I plan wayyy ahead XD) If anyone wants to invite me to their cabin, my username is Emmie10.


After a nice evening of exploring, it was time to head home. Lea walked back towards the house as the sun sunk below the horizon and into the lake.


I hope you enjoyed this little photo shoot! Stay tuned for the doll makeup tutorial!

With love and marshmallows,

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