Forever Episode 5: The Grand Finale

This is it, people of the earth.

The last episode.

Head on over to this post before you watch it–it will make a whole lot more sense. XD

I hope you like it! Would you want a Season 2 to see what happens to Galaxy’s ear and Jade and Izzy’s parents? Or should I just make a different series? Tell me in the comments below! Undercover should be up next Friday, if not the Friday after that.


Forever Episode 2: Make-up and Break-up + Meet the Dolls Update

Greetings, people of the Earth!

Maryellen here! I’m upset that I’m not in this video, but, Emmie seemed to have forgotten to post it, so I posted it for her! I think she said part 3 will be up by next Sunday, but I’m not sure.ย Knowing Emmie she’ll probably get it up late. So, without further ado, here’s Episode 2!ย Hey that rhymes

Bye for now–wait a second, we have one more thing!

Emmie completely revamped, updated, and added to the Meet the Dolls page!

Thats right–we have a totally new Meet the Dolls page! So be sure to click the link after you watch the video, and check out my new profile–erm, our new profiles!

For real this time, bye guys!