Flashback. (A Christmas AGSM Movie) | For 200 Followers + 1 Year on YouTube!

Make sure click here to go to the website so the video shows up! The other day I was at a pizza restaurant, mindlessly staring at the maximum occupancy: 160 sign. Today, I looked back on that moment and realized something absolutely CRAZY: All of my followers wouldn’t fit in that pizza restaurant! You guys, I CANNOT […]

Christmas Collab Day 8: The Milk Maid Menace + Updated Which Doll are You Most Like Quiz! + HELP MEEEE!

Hello, people of the Earth! VIFE YADS NITUL MASSCHRIS!!! Eeeeeep! I nact blivee ti. M’I OS PAPHY!! Five days. Can you believe it? FIVE DAYS!!! Anyways….on with the post! Which will be very long, according to the title. (Popcorn will be in Yellow, Jade in purple, and Lea in pink.) Hmm, I wonder what today’s advent […]

Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race

Elloh, epole fo eth artEh! Word jumble, which is my recent obsession. 🙂 Here’s another puzzle: maChiss si ni VENSE YADS!!!!!!! Christmas is in a week! I can’t believe it. Anywho, on with the post! (PS Emmie Awards voting will be up tomorrow.) . “I’M SO BOOOORRREEEDDD,” Felicity groans. “Why don’t we open today’s advent?” […]

Christmas Collab Day 4: The Songbird’s Surprise

Hello, dear marshmallows! Today is day 4 of the collab. Let’s get started! DISCLAIMER: I took these with a camcorder, which I am still getting the hang of so these may not be the best quality in the world. Z will be in indigo, Tenney in coral, and Alexandra in black. Hello, guys! Welcome back to the Z. Crew. Today […]

Christmas Collab Day 1: The Un-pear-able Treat

Hello, people of the earth! Today is day 1 of the collaboration with the fabulous EnniMorgan! Her post will be up later this evening. I’ll be posting tomorrow, then she’ll be posting the next day, then I’ll be posting the day after that, and so on. So, let’s get started, shall we? “What’s that?” Maryellen asked, […]