The Emmie Awards Winners!

Greetings, people of the Earth! The polls are closed. The votes have been counted. Acceptance speeches have been written. So what’s left? Announcing the winners, of course! We’re going to dive right in to that. Starting with… . The Best Doll Blog Award goes to… . . . . . . . . . . […]

Emmie Awards 2017 VOTING!

Hello, people of the Earth! Now, for what you all have been waiting for….THE EMMIE AWARDS VOTING!! If you need a reminder, The poll for the Emmies will close on December 25, Christmas day. Like on the Emmys, all of the winners will be alerted on December 26 so they can write their “acceptance speech”. […]

Introducing the Emmie Awards!

So, last night I got the awesomest idea ever: The Emmie Awards! That’s right, our very own awards show! (Kind of.) Like the Emmy Awards, the “Emmies” works like this: You guys nominate blogs for each category in the comments, and then we all vote! The voting will take place on December 16 through 25. […]