Z Crew News: Episode 2 | Coverage You Can Count On (Featuring Clara from Clara and Co!)

Welcome back to ZCN! I’m Ziana Yang, the star reporter and anchorwoman for the series. In today’s episode, we’ve got some news, interviews, sneak peeks, and more for you to enjoy!

ZCN Episode 2 (3)This fan-favorite segment, Around the Blogosphere, highlights what’s been going on in the past few months around the blogosphere. Let’s take a look!

Tess from the awesome blog Steeplechase has achieved an amazing feat! For the entire month of October, she posted every single day with a fun and exciting topic. Some of my personal favorites include: Taking a Casual Stroll on a Wednesday {APADO 17}Everyday Miracles {APADO #12}, and Conversations With 13-Year-Old Me {APADO #4}. Congratulations, Tess! Don’t forget to check out her APADO recap and take her survey here. Thanks for the tip, Madi!

Madison from Delightful World of Dolls has been blogging for 6 years! The blog has become a blogosphere icon, filled with spectacular writing and gorgeous photos. As Madi states in her 6-year blogaversiary post, “Believe me, the moment I am sustainably healthy and have my skyrocketing energy back…*in Terminator voice* I’ll be back.”** Be praying for her!

With many bloggers banging out the next bestselling novel during NaNoWriMo, several bloggers are going on hiatus. However, we’re glad to see Bekah from Questionable Tourtise Couture back from her ‘Unexpected Hiatus‘! Don’t forget to enter her Q&A, too.

Eleanor from Pointe to Christ got hearing aids! “Due to repetitive ear infections, vertigo, and other damage to my ears, I lost a lot of my hearing,” she writes in a recent post. “I lost 80% in my right ear, and 50% in my left ear. I need hearing aids, and I got them about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It has been so, so, so, so, soooooooo amazing! I have heard so many beautiful things that I’ve never ever heard before (take flip-flops, WHO KNEW THEY MADE NOISE???) There are still some things I cannot even believe make noise.”*

ZCN Episode 2 (2)

She’s also working on a world-changing project that shares God’s Word and spreads light into the universe, one letter at a time. Eleanor is inspiring you and people everywhere to write letters every day this month encouraging a random person and leave them in a place where someone could find it! Here at AGW, we’ve been trying our best to write one letter every day this November. Learn more and join in at the website, letterswithapurpose.wordpress.com!

Clara from Clara and Co. is hosting a giveaway and blog tour! You can check out her post here. Stay tuned for a special spotlight on her brand new business and AGW’s spot on the Blogger Box blog tour at the end of this post! Her little sister, Laura, is also hosting a giveaway of her own! Enter to win some awesome washi tape here.

Do you have news to share? Don’t hesitate to send your tips through the Contact Form for a chance to be featured in the next episode!

Now that you’re caught up on what’s going on in the blogosphere, let’s take a look at our other segment: What’s Up, AGW?

ZCN Episode 2 (5).png

This NaNoWriMo, Emmie’s doing something totally different than usual! “I recently got K.M. Weiland’s Structuring Your Novel and its accompanying workbook, and for the first few days of NaNo, I’ve been structuring!” Emmie states. “I have a separate goal of 139 words – each word represents a workbook page. When I finish a workbook page, I update my “word count” and watch as my completion percentage goes up a little. According to the NaNoWriMo YWP website’s progress tracker, I should be done on November 9!”

After completing the structure, she plans to skip the outlining part of her novel and dive straight into writing. “I’ve never really liked a super-long outlining process, but I hope to try it for the rewrite of my Huntress novel. For now, my structure is serving as an outline, so that way I know where I’m going and hopefully will get the timing right, while also having more creative freedom during the actual process of writing the novel itself.”

ZCN Episode 2 (4).png

The currently untitled novel is going to be a book about AGW’s newest doll, Paris. “It’s formatted like an AG Meet Book and follows the story of how she came to AG Academy,” Emmie says. I’m even one of the main characters!

Emmie plans to self-publish the book for her 3-year blogaversiary! “I wouldn’t be able to finish it in time for the upcoming 2-year blogaversiary,” she explains. “But, I do have some other exciting things planned.”

One of those exciting things is The Emmie Awards! Last year’s Emmie Awards celebrated all kinds of bloggers and their achievements, and this year, we plan to take it up a notch. There’s going to be red-carpet photos, a blog party, and possibly even a real-life prize for the Blog of the Year award! Of course, this year Z Crew News will be covering the whole event.

Emmie’s also been working on a top-secret Christmas AGSM, too. More information and a trailer are coming your way this December!

Isabel got her wig replaced! A post and AGSM are coming up about the (super long) process and results.

Speaking of surprises, the Big Surprise is almost ready to go! Expect to see it this weekend.

ZCN Episode 2 (1)

Let’s turn our attention towards an awesome blogger for our stop on an awesome blog tour. Today, I’m going to be spotlighting Clara from Clara and Co. with a special article!

“What first inspired me to create The Blogger Box was the lack of [subscription] boxes designed specifically for bloggers. After spending a while trying to find a blogger-specific box with no results, I decided to make one myself!” Clara says in a recent interview with me.

The young entrepreneur says that “The first people to know [about my idea for the Blogger Box] were my parents! When I came up with the idea, I quickly typed it up in a Google Doc and shared it with them. They both seemed excited about the idea, and it just grew from there.”

From start to finish, it’s taken Clara six months to make this a reality. “The hardest part for me was finding the best prices on everything I wanted to include in the boxes. My favorite part has been promoting and marketing the box by designing logos, a website, etc.”

“My hope for the future of the Blogger Box is that I will inspire as many bloggers as I can!” Clara says. “The Blogger Box will be launched on November 12th and can be purchased through the website, which will also be revealed on the 12th!”

You can follow the rest of the tour through these blogs:

Julia’s Creative Corner – November 3rd

The Lens and the Hard Drive – November 4th

Wild Writing Dreams – November 5th

American Girl World – November 6th

Cleverly Chic – November 7th

Christina & Camera – November 8th

A Purpose of Winged Dogs – November 9th

Home With the Hummingbirds – November 10th

Thank you so much for reading this episode of ZCN! As always, I had a ton of fun bringing you guys Coverage You Can Count On. Remember to be praying for today’s election! Z Crew, Out!

Z. Crew, Out!
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 *Excerpt used with permission from https://pointetochristblog.wordpress.com/

**Excerpt used with permission from https://delightfulworldofdolls.com/

paris + pumpkins| A Photoshoot


Hello, people of the Earth! (#flashback) A few days ago, my little sister’s class had a playdate at a pumpkin patch. I tagged along with Paris and my camera! (Okay, my iPhone, but technically it was a camera still) 


“This is the perfect pumpkin!”


The lighting was really harsh, so it took a lot of editing to get her eyes to show up.


When the lighting is right, though, Paris is so photogenic! I’m thinking about entering her in Cycle 3 of AGNDM with this photo. What do you guys think?


I really like the lighting in this photo, but looking back, I wish I had posed Paris differently. She’s just kinda standing there, staring off into the distance…


I was inspired to name her Paris by an old NTTM, actually! (Somehow an N kept sneaking into the end of that acronym, looking back at my featured images. Name That Truly Me Now?)


Since I got Julie’s Basketball Set for my birthday as well, I decided to make her a basketball player! I’m even going to write her ‘meet book’ as my NaNoWriMo project!


 Thanks for reading this quick little post! See you guys later!


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Eleven. // More Cheesecake, Shopping, and a New Doll

my new favorite gif ^ (thanks, natalie!)


Wow. That seems…crazy, I guess. It’s hard to believe. You know what’s also hard to believe? How amazing Wednesday was!

And no, I’m NOT bragging, I’m sharing my adventures, so please no hate in the comments! (everyone knows virtual marshmallows are so much better)

Wait, that’s not right. I’m not sharing my adventures…Paris is!


Oh yeah, did I forget to introduce the new doll, Truly Me #53 doll, Paris? *squeals with excitement* She’s so cute! I love her! *brushes her awesome hairstyle* I even made a little unboxing video to kick off the post – and here it is!

NOTE: Most of the time, the video doesn’t show up in the WordPress Reader. Please CLICK HERE to go to the website.

Can I take it over from here? Sure, Paris! OK!


Hi, I’m Paris! Right now, I’m at the AG Place for Emmie’s birthday.


“This morning, Emmie woke up to the birthday song – a family tradition! Then, she opened the wrapping paper and quickly made an unboxing video for her YouTube Channel.”


After that, we ate breakfast and then headed over to the mall.


This nice girl at the Grand Hotel let me take a selfie with her! However, when it was time to take the picture, she got distracted by this:


Apparently, Z is leaving by the end of this year! Emmie’s really sad about that – she thought that Z was one of AG’s best dolls. 


Emmie thinks this picture is artistic…I mean, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head it looks a bit artistic – Hey!


“Whoooooooo is that girl IIIIIIII see, staaaaaaaaring straight baaaaack at meeeeeee?”


Strike a pose!


No offense to this CYO model, but she’s kind of creepy.


You can get your ears pierced at the AGP now!


After we looked around the store for a bit, we headed over to The Children’s Place for some shopping!


Everything seemed to be 40% off for some reason.


After stopping at Crazy 8, we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I had a ton of fun with the kids menu!


More selfies!


The pineapple pizza I ate was super good! Tenney photobombed, LOL! She came along with me to the store, and we’ve become pretty good friends.

Before…and after. Cheesecake successfully annihilated. 

Then, Emmie went ice skating! I couldn’t go, sadly, because I don’t have any skates. Emmie and her sister were the only people on the whole rink! It was super cool!

Thanks for the post, Paris! I filmed a little outro for you guys while I was on the ice:


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Hotels, Hospitals & The AGP // An AG Mini-Movie + Updates

Hey, peeps! I’m here with a mini-movie and some updates for y’all!

//The Mini Movie

Maryellen goes to a hotel to get away from her crazy family but is underwhelmed by the small pool. Then she gets a phone call – Z needs to go to the hospital, stat! Will Z be ok? Watch to find out! (Please watch HD!)

Backstory: It was my sister’s birthday on the 20th! She got a new doll (#74) who she named Charlie! We went to the AGP and I brought Z and Maryellen with me. Z is currently at the doll hospital to get her permapanties removed!//

Continue reading “Hotels, Hospitals & The AGP // An AG Mini-Movie + Updates”

re; | an Easter mega-photostory / ashton’s introductory mega-photostory


I was going to post a stop-motion called The Prank but I decided to post this instead. I decided that Easter is more important than April Fools and I might make a separate post later.

But anyways, on to the photo-story! If you have trouble reading it, the caption for the photo is above the photo. He is risen!

re;newed hope

Ashton’s POV

My hand trembles as I raise it to knock on the door. My whole life flashes before my eyes: The days of living on the streets, the days of begging for food and money, the days of wishing endlessly for parents, for a home.


For someone to love me.


That’s why I’m here. For a home of my own. A family of my own. A place to renew my hope, my spirit.


I knock.


The door opens.


A girl stands before me. She seems to be around 13 or so, and has jet black hair with red highlights and bright brown eyes. “Hello! Who are you?”


“Ashton. I’ve been adopted by Emmie and she told me that this is the place where the rest of her dolls live.”


“Ah, yes, Ashton! I recognize that name. Come on in, come on in!” She gestures welcoming-ly towards the inside of the house. I follow.


“Hey, who’s that?” A brown-haired boy about my age walks over to me and the girl. “The new kid?”


“The new kid has a name. That name, is Ashton…”


“Um, I don’t really have a last name. That I know of.”


“Oh.” She looks at me awkwardly. “Um, this is just Ashton.”


“Well, hey Just Ashton.” Then, with a smirk, the boy walks away.


“Who was that?” I ask the girl.


“That,” she replies, “is Logan. Your new roommate.”


I inwardly groan, because I can tell that Logan is the kind of boy who likes to pull practical jokes–and it doesn’t help that today is April Fools Day.



“Hi!!YoumustbeAshtonIcan’tbeleiveyou’rehere!EmmiesaidyouwerecomingtodayandIamsohappyyouarehere!!Heylemmegiveyouatourofthehouserealquickthisisthebathroom,thelivingroom, thebedrooms,andyeahnicetomeetyouI’mMaryellen!!” A redheaded girl practically knocks me over with her hug.



“Um, hi…?” I reply awkwardly.


“Anyways,” the girl rolls her eyes at Maryellen, “It’s time to eat!”


re;connected with a family

Ashton’s POV

All of the dolls sit down at the table.


“Why are we having a feast today? Is April Fools’ day really special around here or something??” I whisper to the girl.


“Uh, no.” The girl – whose name I recently learned is Z – says, “It’s Easter, silly goose!”


“Oh, right! Do y’all do egg hunts here?”


“We do, but Easter is way beyond that.”


“What does that mean?”


“Shhh, guys, it’s time to pray!” A blue-eyed girl announces. All the dolls join hands. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, but I just follow Z’s lead and join hands with her and Maryellen.


“We thank You for your goodness, your mercy, your faithfulness to us. I pray that You will bless this meal and nourish it into our bodies. And thank You for all that You did for us today many years ago–You took the punishment of our sin so we wouldn’t have to die for our mistakes. And thank You for all of the wonderful blessings You’ve given this family. Amen.”


The rest of the dolls echo, “Amen.”


I begin to eat, wondering about the prayer that was just said. Who is this You they are talking about? What punishment?



Ashton’s POV

“Hey, you,” I tap on the blond girl’s shoulder.


“My name is Alexandra or Lexie for short, but how can I help you?”


“About the prayer at dinner,” I begin, “what did it mean?”


“Here, sit down.” She says. “Well, do you know about God?”


“Yes, I’ve heard of the Christian religion. But I’ve never really been aware of what you guys believe until now.”


“Well, as a Christian, I believe that God sent down His one and only Son, Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life with Him in Heaven.” (John 3:16)


“How did this Jesus let believers go to Heaven?”


“He died. On a cross. For our sin. He drank the cup of God’s wrath upon all sinners so we wouldn’t have to drink from it. Instead, we get to drink from the cup of God’s forgiveness. But three days later, He rose from the grave!! Jesus Christ conquered death that day.”


“That’s crazy! want to go to Heaven. want to lead a life that honors Him. But how?”


“Well, let’s follow the ABCs to becoming a Christian. First, A- admit to God that you’re a sinner, and repent.”


“I am a sinner,” I cry aloud. It feels strange – yet in a weird way, comforting – to be talking to something that I can’t see.


“Great! Now you just have to B, believe that Jesus is the Son of God and He died for you.”


“I believe,” I reply quietly.




“I believe!” I shout loudly.


“Lastly, for C – confess your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and LORD.”


“I have faith that Jesus Christ is my Savior and LORD!”


She hugs me as she says a prayer of salvation over me: “Dear Lord, I pray that you will help Ashton to lead a life that honors you. Help him to understand how much you sacrificed for us. Thank you for all that you’ve done for us.”


“Amen,” we say together.


And from that day on, I am a new person. I have been reborn through Jesus and all the amazing things that He’s done for me.




Do you want to lead a new life like Ashton?

Then check out Madison’s amazing page and equally amazing stop-motion! Please help her reach one million with The Goodbye by watching the video below!!

“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” – Romans 3:23

“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 7 Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. 8 But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 9 Since we have now been justified by his blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him! 10 For if, while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his Son, how much more, having been reconciled, shall we be saved through his life!” -Romans 5:6-10


“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16


“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.’ “-John 11:25 25




Christmas Collab Day 4: The Songbird’s Surprise

Hello, dear marshmallows! Today is day 4 of the collab. Let’s get started!

DISCLAIMER: I took these with a camcorder, which I am still getting the hang of so these may not be the best quality in the world.

Z will be in indigo, Tenney in coral, and Alexandra in black.


Hello, guys! Welcome back to the Z. Crew. Today I’ll be interviewing a very special guest, the one and only TENNEY GRANT!!


Hi! I’m so honored to be in your video! Was are we doing today?


I thought we could open the advent calendar. Today is day 4.


It says…compose a song like birds singing. Cool! 


And this is perfect, T, because I don’t really….erm….posses any musical talent, so would you help me compose a song?


Sure! Here, whistle like a bird, and I will match the pitch with my guitar. Ready?

Yup! *whistles horribly*


*matches guitar*


Hey, that sounds pretty good!


What’s all the racket about?

Lexie, I’m filming! Besides, you interrupted Tenney’s—

Wait, Tenney?




Wait a second…TENNEY GRANT IS IN MY LIVING ROOM? *faints*


Someone get water!


Here’s some!




Wait, what happened?


Tenney Grant is in our living room, and you fainted…


And also, I was hoping that i could stay here, too? Emmie’s sister, DiamondUnicorn430, is thinking about adopting me.


Really? Of course! YEAH!

And that’s how Tenney came to stay! Also, I said I would post the polls for the Emmies today, but I’ll have to put them up tomorrow…Sorry ’bout that!


DIY No-Sew Dolloween StarWars Costume!

Hello, Marshmallows!





Halloween is right around the corner! That’s crazy. I literally only have one piece of my costume ready, and that’s still shipping. TELL THAT UNICORN HEADBAND TO HURRY UP. Well, not only does Halloween mean getting your costume ready, but it also mean’s getting your dolls’ costume ready! And we’re here to help with that, so enjoy this tutorial!



For this craft, you will need:

  • A thin wooden dowel
  • Black duct tape
  • Sharpie
  • Your doll
  • Blue duct tape, red duct tape, etc.
  • A brown or black infant shirt (12 or 11 months)
  • Scissors
  • Doll boots
  • Printer (doesn’t have to be colored)
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Tape



The Lightsaber:


Step 1: Mark where you want to cut your dowel.


Step 2: Snap your dowel, using your mark as a guideline. Don’t worry about making the edge look neat; we’ll be covering that up in the next step.


Step 3: Now, cover the uneven end of the dowel with black duct tape. This will be your handle.


Step 4: Next, color the uncovered part of the dowel red (for the Dark Side) or green, blue, or purple (for the Light Side).


Step 5: Cut small pieces of colorful duct tape and stick it on your “handle” for buttons. You don’t need a terrible amount of these. Just an on/off switch can do it’s justice.

And there’s your lightsaber!


The Robe:


Step 1: Get your infant tee shirt out. Use brown for a Jedi and black for Darth Vader. Mine is from Garanamals, which is available at Walmart or Amazon.


Step 2: Slip it on your doll and pin where it’s needed.

If you are making a Jedi, then you’re done! But if you’re making Darth Vader, carry on to the next step…




Step 1: Print out a picture of Darth Vader. Make sure to size it down in a Word program before printing so it fits your doll’s head. (I printed a coloring sheet because I didn’t want to waste ink.)


Step 2: Now, cut it out. If you colored it, make sure to layer a few pieces of paper on the back so it doesn’t bleed on your doll’s face.













Step 3: Make sure it fits on your doll’s face before continuing to any of the next steps.


Step 4: Punch two holes on the sides of your mask.


Step 5: Wrap a piece of embroidery thread (or, if you don’t have embroidery thread, you can use floss). Now, cut at the very end.


Step 6: Measure your embroidery floss. If you are doing this to multiple dolls, make sure to measure each one, because the hairstyle may vary the size. Now, cut your floss a little more than three quarters. So, because mine was about 11 inches, I cut it at 9.


Step 7: Place two strips of tape on each hole. Make sure you taped in the front.


Step 8: Put the embroidery floss in the back of the taped holes. I know that doesn’t’t really make sense, but if you look at the picture you’ll get it.


Step 9: Just slip it on your doll, and you’re done!


Thanks for reading! Will you make this craft?

Most writerly,

EmmieZ. Crew, Out!

50 Followers Q&A + NTTMN VOTING! + An Announcement

Greetings, Earthlings.


Hello everybody! Thanks everybody who entered the Q and A! Let’s get started!

The questions will be in bold.

Rachel’s Questions

How long have you been blogging?

Well, I started last December, so about 10 months! 😮 That’s crazy!
Izzy, what’s your fave color?

Izzy: Pink! Purple and teal are a close second. (Hence my color!)
Where do you see yourself in 10 months?

Hmm, I’m not sure! I would be almost 11, so probably…hmm…editing my novel?
What’s your favorite candy?


EnniMorgan’s Questions

How high do you rate exit signs?

ummm…. 10?
Do you like plane rides?

I love plane rides! I’ve only been on an airplane twice, though. It’s really cool to look out the window and see clouds!
Movie theater or movie at home?

I like watching movies at the theater, but watching movies at home is fun because you can make fun of it/be loud/pause.
If you could get any doll in AG existence which would it be?

Either Nikki or Molly. I really like how Nikki trains service dogs and she’s the GOTY of my birth year!
Who’s your favorite doll?

Out of the ones I have? Don’t tell the other dolls, but probably Lexi or Z…

Izzy: Hey!

AG’s In Alaska’s Questions

I want to know about how you got into AG and the story of your first doll.

When I was 5 or 6, I met my best friend (we’ll call her Kate) who had like, 7 AG Dolls. I really, really, wanted a doll of my own! So, Kate let me borrow her AG Catalogue and I was hooked. I really wanted Caroline (there’s a funny story about how I thought Marie Grace’s crinoline was for Caroline and I was so confused why it was on Marie Grace’s page!) so for Christmas, I asked for an AG doll! My parents gave me an Our Generation Doll (her name was Lily Anna) who looked like Caroline, and I loved her. Then, I saved up for Izzy! I don’t have Lily Anna anymore, but I’ll remember her as my first doll.

Kaylin’sWorldBlog’s Questions

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

My dolls and flowers!

Z: I love taking pictures of the iconic landmarks back in Seattle!
What do you like about AG?

I love how they inspire girls to shine in every way!

Z: I like how I can take pictures of the dolls–they’re like my own little actresses! Plus, AG is responsible for my existence, so…
Would you work at AG?

Definitely! We always go to the Houston one in Memorial City mall, and there’s this nice lady that gives us little gift packages. THE BEST. EVAH.

Z: Yes! 

How would you describe yourself in 2 words?

weird, creative

Z: Smart, obsessive 
What is your favorite clothing item?


I like shrugs and jackets. BUT IT’S SO HOT HERE IN TEXAS *sobs*

You’ll get used to it, Z.
Do you read Emily Windsnap books?

I used to! My favorite was the third one! I SHIP AMILY SO HARDDDD

Z: No, I haven’t heard of those! 

Hannah’s Questions

Z’ why do you like taking pictures?

Z: I love being able to capture the moment to be able to look back at it later!
Emmie why did you start a blog?

I had been reading Lissie’s blog for a while, when I finally asked my parents to help me set up a blog! I really wanted a place to share my writing and photography, so I made myself a Blogger Blog! But, it had personal information on it, so my parents freaked out and made me delete it. So, I started a new one! (Did you know AGW was originally on Blogger?)  Then, my dad researched better blogging platforms and fond WordPress!
Emmie what is your favorite color?


kaitlynrh1’s Questions

What’s your favorite season?

Do you like hot chocolate or tea?


But hot chocolate is good too…it involves marshmallows…hmm…

What’s your favorite song?

Probably Are You Ready For It? By Taylor Swift!
What’s your favorite animal?


RebCake’s Questions

For Emmie: How would your friends describe you?

Crazy, creative, fun
For Jade: Which of your sisters gets on your nerves the most?


Maryellen: You’re very welcome.
For Izzy: On the scale of 1-10, how responsible are you?

Izzy: Probably 7. 
For Felicity: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Felicity: I like coffee!
For Lexi: What’s the last book you read, and what rating (1-5 stars) would you give it?

Lexi: I most recently read A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett! It was super good! I rate it 41/2 stars!
For Maryellen: If you could only eat three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Maryellen: Chocolate, pizza, and bacon. Hey, If I’m gonna have three foods, then they better be good!
For Z: What’s your dream job?

Z: Definitely a professional film director or producer!

Rose’s Questions

If you could start another blog, what would it be about?

Probably a personal blog or a music blog!
Why did you decide to get Z?

I thought she was a really great doll and I love how she makes AGSMs like me!
What dolls are next on your to be bought list?

Nikki, #55, Molly, Gabriela, or GOTY 2018 Luciana Vega.
What is your favorite post you have done?

I really liked my post Playing With Tucker!

Laura Beth’s Questions

1. How did you discover AG?

I answered this with Ag’s in Alaska’s questions.
2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

An Authoress!
3. Have you ever been to summer camp?

Yes! I actually went to Summer Camp last summer!

4. What do you want Z to shoot or film next?

A room tour would be cool!
5. What is your dream AG doll?

As in custom? Then, caramel hair w/ pink streaks, brown eyes, Marie Grace mold, freckles, and lip gloss!
6. If you could go on a $500 AG shopping spree, what would you buy?


A Create Your Own Doll ($200)

Grand Hotel ($200)

Trundle Bed and Bedding set ($100)

And that’s it for the Q and A!


NTTMN voting time!

Charity (Submitted by Rachel)

Ariadne (Submitted by Barkley)

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So, due to NaNoWriMo, I will be going on a hiatus for November. *cue gasps* We won’t be replying to comments or checking out your posts, but sometimes I might check in and comment on ya’ll’s blogs occasionally!




Z the Tree Hugger…Literally | A Photoshoot

Hello, marshmallows!

Today I took Z outside for a photoshoot! She’s going to guest star in Forever, so that’s when she’ll be coming to the doll family on the blog, if you were wondering. So…I guess I’ll let Z take over!


Hello! I’m Ziana, but everybody calls me Z. (Emmie: In her books her real name is Susie, but I decided that Ziana fitted her better.) 


I decided to take a break from working on an AGSM (the Horrible Homework Hacker! If Emmie will let me I’ll show it to you guys!) and go climb some trees! Emmien wanted to do a photoshoot with me, and I agreed. But, I shall ruin it by not looking at the camera! Mwhahaha!


Ok, Emmie, I know you’re all ‘Super-Artistic-Photos’ but this photoshoot was supposed to be of me??


“What was that?”


“It’s…it’s…a tree with better lighting!”

Oh so interesting am I right.



Jk, that’s just the sun.


I SHALL NEVER LOOK AT THE CAMERA. This rock is my evil sidekick and together we shall conquer the blogosphere, one horrible photo at a time. *pats rock sidekick*


Hello up there.


[insert caption]



Farewell for now! Z. Crew, Out!

Z. Crew, Out!.png



i’m ten. | A Day Filled of Cheesecake, Yoga while Rapping, and an Unexpected Arrival

hello, people of the earth. or mars. or saturn. or venus.




*does crazy dance* Yesterday was me & Lexi’s birthday! by the 9788783333 “Happy Birthday” my smile says thank you but inside i am screaming ONE MORE AND I’LL DESTROY YOU It’s so crazy, I’ve had Lexi for 3 years. So that means…*does complicated math problem* IVE BEEN COLLECTING DOLLS FOR 3 AND 1/2 YEARS???? That’s crazy. And I’ve been blogging for almost a year now! because two days before Christmas was such a convenient time to start a blog. I’ve met so many amazing people through this little blog who has “doll videos , doll how-tos, doll photo stories, and doll tips. I can’t wait to update you on all that’s happening!” —Welcome to American Girl World! (First Post)

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Victoria the Dreamer | I Got a Free Doll?!

Hello, my loyal marshmallows!

It is I, Emmie! Thanks for stopping by! So……My neighbor was getting rid of some of her doll collection! No, she is not an American Girl Doll. But, even though she is not an American Girl, I think she is beautiful. At first I thought she was creepy but know I really like her. THANK YOU SO MUCH, MRS. P! Now, for the reveal!

WARNING: If you are creeped out by dolls that are not American Girl, then you probably shouldn’t read this post! She’s actually not that creepy, but I know pediophobia varies, so, be careful….


























(Sorry for bad lighting!)

She has curly blond hair, bright blue inset eyes, painted lower lashes and synthetic upper lashes, A porcelain face with beautiful paint, a gold locket and a matching bracelet. Her early 1900’s style outfit is a teal blue color with puffed sleeves and lace. She has bloomers, rose-embroidered tights, and shoes that have little roses on them. Her headband is coral tulle shaped like a flower.


Here is a back view^

She is 11 years old and likes playing with her dolls, embroidery, drawing, and singing. She is from 1905. I don’t think she is going to be part of the doll family because of her difference in size, and she is very fragile and more of a collector’s doll.


A side view^

I think she is really pretty! What do YOU think of Victoria? Comment below!


I have been working nonstop on the script for Forever! I feel like I have too many of the same sounding scenes…so I have to work on that…and then there’s costumes….and sets…plus I signed up for 9999 photography contests and then a book to beta-read (hi Enni!)…HELP ME!!!!!

Any ideas for Forever? What do you think of Victoria?



Ciao to September | October is Upon Us



So. Um. I’m reaalllllyyyyy bad at introductions so can we please start?



  1. Get Forever scripted! ummm….

I got episode one scripted?

2.Customize Uni’s Bitty Baby 

You can read the post here! 

3. Get an A in Math X

I was doing really well but then I got like a C on my test so yeah I’ll kiss this one goodbye.


4. Get 45 followers √

Current tally: 47

YAYYY! You guys are the awesomest. In september alone, we gained 15 followers. Thank you so much for ally our support and encouragement and pressing the follow button and making my day, my week, my life. YOU are the reason AGW is still up and running. You’re not just another follower on another blog–you’re part of something special, a community praising God and sharing our love of dolls. Let’s thank each of our 48 followers (most recent on top):

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The Old Post Tag | In Which I React to Old Posts

Playing in the Morning Air + August NTTM WINNERS

I Customized my Sister’s Bitty Baby?? | What a Bitty Looks like with a Wig

Garden Girl | An American Girl World Original Photoshoot + NTTMN #2 VOTING

Anya’s Blog Tour: My Contribution!

I’m back.

We’re Redoing Our Site Design?

I feel like I was on a blogging slump this September. My posts didn’t seem as good quality, I wasn’t very motivated to post, i was slow on replying to comments… thus I did not exceed my goal of 20 posts. What was I thinking

October Goal: 12 posts!


Aaaannnnd now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for…


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Looking in October!



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My birthday! I’M GONNA BE TEN IN TEN DAYS. SO I’LL BE TEN ON THE TENTH DAY OF THE TENTH MONTH. *Struts around in all my almost-tweeness* And now all my bios can say “Tween Christian blogger” instead of “nine-year-old Texan and daughter of the One True King” and people won’t say “Oh you’re such a great writer for your age” LIKE SRSLY JUST CUZ YOUR BIO SAYS TWEEN DOES’NT MEAN YOU’RE STILL NOT ONE YEAR OLDER THAN ME and you get to pretend your twelve. *Pouts* *Cheers up because self will be the one depressing nine year olds with “compliments” in ten days*

Lexi’s Birthday! I got Lexi for my 7th birthday so we are twins! *Poses* *Drops Lexi because self is trying to write post* *Knows self should pick her up* *Continues typing*

DOLLAWEEN DUH. This is the first time I will be able to do dollaween with my dolls–I didn’t have this blog at halloween last year! I have most of the costumes done–Izzy will be a princess, Lissie a cowgirl, Alexandra a Forest Nymph, Jade a zombie ballerina, and Maryellen will be a Wizard, and Z will–wait, who’s Z? I only have five dolls! Not 6! Totally not getting another for my birthday! Heh! Heh! Heh… *Runs*


Hope you liked this post! Don’t forget to comment for NTTM #3!

Also, nobody is doing the Old Post Tag? I don’t mean to sound needy but i don’t want it to be the death of a newborn tag. TAG MURDERING IS AGAINST THE LAW PEEPS. If you weren’t nominated, feel free to do this tag!



Most writerly,


Customizing Mini Sam + A Change Of Nickname

Why hello everbody! Remember in this post when I announced that I was going to purchase and customize mini Molly, but never got around to it? Well, I didn’t notice what I had right in front of me! So I customized Sam!

^I put a tissue around her body to protect her while I washed her hair.

Then I combed it out.

And gave her little freckles! But boy, did I freak out when I cut of her bangs!

So, instead of everyone calling me Phoenix, short for EmeraldPhoenix, I thought I would go by Emmie!(Comes from EMeraldPhoenix)  

So without further adue, 

A New Beggining 

In the POV of Felicity 

“Hurry, Galaxy.” I urged my chestnut mare. 

“Here’s the place.”

I turned toward the large metal contraption on my left. 

I hooked her trailer on to the mysterious machine and stepped inside.

I entered the date, 4/8/17. 

Then I pulled the lever and the machine whirred to life.

I was traveling through time.

Sitting down on the plastic seat, I amused myself by watching the clock race forward, traveling several years per minute.

Then I thought about Galaxy on her trailer behind me. 

Nobody knew my secret. 

My mare, Penny, had given birth to a colt, whom I called Patriot. Little did anyone know that Penny had bore twins. 

Galaxy was a special horse. Once I woke to a mysterious man bewitching her. He cursed her so if her pendant was to be removed from her ear,  she would… die.

I would have been despaired if she should die, so I was very overprotective of her. She was my baby.

“Destination arrived,” an automated voice said. Grabbing my luggage, I burst out of the time machine and saddled up Galaxy.

“4503 AGW Court. This is the place.”

I raised my vinyl fist and pounded on the door.

A blond, freckled human in mismatched socks greeted me at the door.

“Felicity,” She said. “We’ve been waiting for you.” 

“First door on your left,” she said. “You have sisters waiting for you.”

“Okay,” I said bluntly. “Is there any chance that you have a place to put my horse?” 

“Oh, yes we do, in my room.” 

“Great!” I said, getting more excited.

“Follow me.” 

We walked through long corridors until we reached her bedchamber.

“Here is where you will put Galaxy,” the human said. 

Then we walked back to the “dollhouse”, as she called it. 

As I walked in, I heard everyone shout, “WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME!!!!”

“How d’you do?” I said shyly. 

“I’m Alexandra, this is Isabelle, the red haired one is Maryellen, and that’s our cousin, Lea. ”

“Nice to meet you all! My name is Felicity. I’m a retired historical and I’m from 1774. I really like horses and time traveling.” I said. 

“Oooh, time traveling!” The red haired girl, Maryellen, said. “This is where you will be staying. This is the closet, 

that’s the dance barre,


over there is the bathtub, 

then that’s the TV, 

and there are the Bunk Beds, where you will be sleeping.”

“Sounds great!” I said.

I took of my dress and shoes.

Then I climbed in to the bed. 

It was the start of a new beginning.

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Meet Felicity, the Newest Addition to the Doll Family!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I. Have. Enough. Money! Yesssssss!

Opening her 

Her shipping box…

The seller included the box! Yes!

Her meet book…


Those curls…

She had a little “Care for your doll” tag.

We found a little tagging thingy from the previous owner.

My sweet girl!

Ignore the sloth, dog toy, and my sister’s feet. 


She came with a lovely cream bow in her hair.

She has Velcro along the backside of her dress.

Her dress is a pretty lavender color with flower embroidery.

Here is a closeup of the embroidery.

Lissie without her dress^

Her shoes have real metal!

Her stockings are extremely soft.

Now for the Doll!

No zip ties here!

Her neck is sort of loose…

Green eyes, straight eyebrows, full lashes, bright lips, what a beauty!

Her hair is literally knotless!

Photo shoot 

Felicity Grace Merriman is so photogenic!

I asked Felicity if she wanted to post a page or two, and she was so mesmerized by it, that she wanted to start her own! Click here to see it! 

Love, Phoenix