Here’s What “DD” Really Means | I’m Launching A Lifestyle Blog!

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It took months and months of planning. Writing. Designing. Brainstorming. Organizing. Changing. Creating. And now, DD is ready for the world to see.

But what does DD even mean? What’s this secret project, anyways? Well, you’re about to find out.

But first, here’s what DD doesn’t mean. 😂 (Awesome guesses on the survey, guys!)

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“I think that DD means uuuuuuuuuuum………*thinks for 10 minutes* something?”

“Nope 😝 maybe a new doll? I have no idea”

“No earthly idea lol”

“Either a book or an impressive video.”

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You’re releasing one of your books??? Nooo idea. XD

“DD… does it have Doll as one of the words?”

“Hmm, another doll??”

“You’re going to publish a book?”

“Videos of your dolls dressed as tap-dancing rainbow llamas? (no idea)”

(I’m 99% sure that last one was Natalie. 😂😂😂)

And here’s some guesses that came pretty close to what DD really means:

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“Is there a new blog or business?”

“Hmmm, a new blog maybe? A blog design service?”


But, there’s only one guess that got it spot-on:

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Yup, you read that right! (You also read the title which completely gave this all away, but oh well 😂) I’m finally starting a lifestyle blog – an idea that’s been bouncing around in my brain ever since I first started AGW. It’s been my dream to have a lifestyle blog – and now that dream is coming true!

But wait – what does DD even mean? What does that have to with anything?

Here’s the deal: My new blog is called Diary of a Daydreamer, which is what DD stands for!

The name Diary of a Daydreamer came to me like a whisper in the middle of the night. I kept flipping back and forth between different names, trying to decide what fit DD the best. But then I came up with that name – and I knew it was perfect. I set up some polls to see which one my audience liked the best, and Diary of a Daydreamer won by a landslide!

This new blog is a place where I share my ideas, stories, tips, tutorials, life, songs, and daydreams. At Diary of a Daydreamer, every Saturday you’ll find posts on Blogging, Dance, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, and Writing. Make sure to subscribe and follow on the new blog so you never miss another post!


But here’s the best part – to celebrate DD’s launch, we’re hosting an epic giveaway with amazing prizes! And here’s the best part – the giveaway is COMPLETELY virtual, meaning the only address you’ll have to give me is your email! 😉


And don’t forget to follow the blog tour! This week, 6 different blogs and I are going to be posting some awesome content for you guys about Diary of a Daydreamer!

7th: Kickoff Post @ American Girl World
First Post @ Diary Of A Daydreamer

8th: Liz @ Home With The Hummingbirds

9th: Bekah Banister @ Questionable Tortoise Couture

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Emmie @ Standing Firm in My Faith

11th: Morgan McCartie @ Swingsets & Snapshots

12th: Enni @ On The Wings of a Dream

13th: Jo @ Pananaw
Wrapup Posts @ American Girl World & Diary Of A Daydreamer

I’m so excited for this new blog, and I can’t wait for all of the amazing opportunities! Thanks for reading this post, and I hope you’ll check out Diary of a Daydreamer!

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Setting Up American Girl Doll Sleepaway Summer Camp Cabin!

Hey guys! Paris and Tenney are heading off to Camp Pineapple as campers and Jade as their counselor in Phoenix Cabin! Check out this fun, relaxing, and weirdly satisfying (lol) video about making a summer camp cabin for American Girl Dolls. It’s the perfect place for the Camp Pineapple campers to hang out in this awesome doll room!

*Credits in the video’s description*

I have this shelf unit in the doll room I use as a photography/video/stop motion studio that worked perfectly as a cute cabin for a summer camp! I’m literally SO EXCITED for my sleep away camp – only like 2 more weeks! Ahhh I can’t wait.

So, some of you guys who’ve been following AGW since the beginning might remember this terribly cringey photo story series I posted, which was literally called “What My Dolls Did While I Was Gone” and was exactly that. As usual, it was super dramatic and very cheesy. XD

So I thought about doing a sequel series, (kinda like what Together is going to be!) but then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if the dolls were actually AT camp?” So, I decided, I’m doing a summer camp series!

It’s going to be full of photo stories, crafts, guest posts, games, activities, and a ton of fun! I have the DD surprise, my other blog, Together, a contest coming up, and my summer camp and vacations to work on, too, so for the next few weeks I’ll be filming/photographing/writing the episodes to be scheduled as posts throughout the summer, so that way I can focus on my other projects and have a fun series for you guys!

I’m super excited for this series, and I hope you guys like it too! Of course, the dolls need a cabin for Camp Pineapple (their summer camp in the series!), so in this video, I set up a cute summer camp cabin for the dolls! I hope you guys enjoyed, and don’t forget to subscribe to the American Girl World YouTube channel (we recently hit 50 subs, ahhh)!

And now, for some *drumroll please* behind the scenes photos!

Are you excited for the new series? Aren’t the BTS pics hilarious? Do you like the cabin? What do you think of my new profile picture?

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I Entered Lea in a Doll Photography Contest…and Got 2nd Place?! | All Of My Photos From the Competition!

(The new design is up! Click here to view this post on the site.)

Hey guys! Emmie here, with some incredible news! I entered Lea in a doll photography contest, and I won 2nd place! This is such a huge achievement for me, and I can’t believe I made it all the way to the finale!

I put a lot of hard work into each and every one of these photos, so I decided to share them with you guys, and tell you what place in each round I got for each one!

Quick disclaimer: In no way am I trying to brag, I just wanted to share something I accomplished and I thought you guys would enjoy the photos! So, without further ado (adieu?), let’s get started!

This was my photo to get into the competition, hosted by AG TV. on YouTube! I absolutely could not believe it when I ended up being one of the finalists, that was crazy! I was so happy!

I really like how this photo turned out! I took it in front of a mural in a historic town, which was really fun. The original had a lot of stray hairs blowing over her face, so I edited those out in Photoshop Fix and brightened up the colors, contrast, and her eyes.

I think this one is my favorite photo out of the entire competition! The theme was Animal Week, and I actually got first place this week, which was crazy! I couldn’t believe it!

In an app called Messenger Kids, they have all of these fun and weird filters. I was experimenting with the zebra filter, which happened to work on dolls! I realized it would be perfect for animal week, so I put together a top out of some spare zebra-print fabric, and snapped a photo using the app. Then, I erased the background in PowerPoint, and added an African background from Unsplash. I edited the photo in Pixlr, and then sent it to AG TV.!

This weeks theme was Editorial, which basically means weird, high fashion, strange, glamorous, over-the-top, etc. This was a SUPER hard theme, but I ended up recreating a photo of Maddie Ziegler in her editorial photoshoot! I love how the photo turned out and I got third place!

I cut out elements of Maddie’s photo in PowerPoint, and then cut out the background of a photo of Lea. Then I combined all of the elements in both PowerPoint and Pixlr, and added some effects, and I was done!

The theme for this week was Movie Poster week! This was so cool and fun to make, and I think it turned out pretty well! I ended up getting second place!

Basically, I took a photo of Lea, and then darkened around the edges a LOT, so much that you couldn’t see the background and it looked super dramatic. In Photoshop Fix, I erased some shine marks and smoothed her skin, and in Canva I added the words! My idea for the movie was a horror/drama/thriller about a bunch of kids who are on a mission to find a lost girl, but it turns out, she doesn’t exist. *Dun dun dun!*

Sorry this version of the photo is so blurry! I had to enlarge it so it would fit. Anyways, the theme was Colors, and I got Orange! Orange is a SUPER hard color – nothing is orange, so it was really hard. But, somehow I managed to get first place this round, which is crazy!

I used a background from Unsplash and cut out Lea in PowerPoint, and then I added a transparent background image of a balloon from Google! I fixed up the photo in Pixlr, and added a quote.

So this weeks’ theme was Minimalistic/Simplistic Week, and I was actually on the bottom! It was super nerve-wracking. I was nervous about this photo, and I had to ask a bunch of different people if it was simplistic enough, but AG TV. still thought that it didn’t fit the theme and there was too much going on. Thankfully, I didn’t get eliminated and stayed in the competition!

Once again, I found an image on Unsplash and cut Lea out in PowerPoint, and I fixed up the image and added the holographic fringe effect in Pixlr.

This week was Unedited Week, which meant that I couldn’t edit or could only minimally edit my photo this week! This week I kind of had to step out of my comfort zone, since I’d been heavily relying on editing for my last several photos in the competition. I actually got first place, though, which was crazy and I was so happy! I really love how this photo turned out!

We went to the park for one of my first location shoots in a while, and I took a bunch of different photos of her with my Mom’s iPhone X. The only editing I did was brightening up the exposure, and that’s it! This was super fun to take and I’m really happy about the end result!

So this week was Marvel Week, AKA the grand finale! I did Black Widow as my character. I was SO NERVOUS for this finale! I got a few negative comments on this one, but also a lot of positive ones, so I was really nervous if I was going to win or not. Turns out, I got second place, and I was SO HAPPY AHHHH! I could NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

I recreated a movie poster of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow/Scarlet Johanson, and used the background from it for the photo. I cut out Lea, and added some dramatic effects in Pixlr and the iPhone camera app. I added a logo in the corner!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is untitled-design-7.png

So, that’s how I did in the photography competion! I couldn’t believe that I got second place, and I loved the experience! I grew so much as a photographer! I’m planning on doing my own contest like this this summer, so stay tuned!?

What was your favorite photo? Have you ever done a contest like this? Are you excited for the summer contest?

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BIG Things Are Coming to American Girl World This Summer…{PLEASE READ}

American Girl World has been a huge part of my life ever since I started it two and a half years ago. It’s grown so, so much, even more than I ever imagined.

But I’ve grown too. While I haven’t grown out of dolls, I’ve been noticing some things about this blog really don’t fit me anymore. Like the design, the cluttered categories, the types of posts, formats, writing style – a lot of things like that.

So, I’ve decided to start fresh. No, this isn’t goodbye. I’ve just decided to reinvent AGW, and change some things up that aren’t working for me – and add some new things that are going to be absolutely AMAZING!

School actually got out for me last week, so it’s officially summer for me and the AGW dolls! That means I’m going to have a TON of time to post – and since I have a schedule this year, I won’t get burned out and post like once a month. 😂

So what things are changing, leaving, or coming to American Girl World and the AGW YouTube channel? Well, you’re about to find out!

» New Design

I’ve had the current design for quite a while, and it’s not exactly my favorite. The sidebar is cluttered, the fonts are boring, the arrow is totally overused, and everything isn’t as cohesive as I want it to be.

Recently, I got two amazing clipart packs from PrettyLittleLines.Com, and they are absolutely gorgeous and high-quality! I’m going to be using one of my packs for the new design, and I’m saving the other one for a secret project.

(Because I’m Emmie. I always have a big surprise or secret project. 😂)

Here’s a little sneak peak at the brand-new header/channel art! I’m so excited, this is going to look amazing!

» New Categories

My categories have been cluttered since FOREVER. There are probably over a hundred of them, and when I was nine and first started blogging I used to make a new category for EVERY SINGLE POST.

So, I know this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but I plan to narrow down each category so I only have a few, so everything is super neat and organized. For the other categories, I’ll probably move them as tags.

(Seriously, I’m scrolling through my categories right now, and there’s some for RainBowWriter, #fall, Austin, Jayla, Antique, and Mini. Just…just why??)

» The AGW YouTube Channel

The AGW YouTube channel has been growing and growing, and I’m so excited! (We just hit 50 subscribers, and there’s going to be a HUGE surprise for the celebration!)

But the way it’s integrated with this blog, I’m not super happy about. The actual posts where I embed the videos are super awkward and boring, I literally just paste the description into the body of the post.

I’m still thinking about how I can make these posts better, so do you guys have any ideas? There’s going to be a survey at the bottom of this post, so make sure to leave us some ideas in the survey or the comments.

I’ve been thinking about having some updates below the video like I used to do, or maybe I might talk a little bit about how I made the video. Honestly, I don’t want to take away or distract from the video, but I don’t want the post going along with it to be super boring. This is something I’m still working on, so make sure to give me some ideas!

» TOGETHER (AKA Forever Season 2)

This one I’m probably the most excited about – hence why I’m screaming in all caps! I’m super excited to say that a new series called Together, the sequel to Forever, is coming to AGW this summer!

I’ve already started planning the script, and there’s a TON of drama and awesomeness that you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned! I was originally just going to call it Forever Season 2, but I thought about how different and better it’s going to be, and I decided to change the name.

Plus, the name REALLY fits the theme of the series, and everything that happens is about family and sticking together (but it’s not cheesy). I absolutely CANNOT wait!

I just need to finish planning, write the script, plan the shoot, build the sets, make costumes, film, edit, record voices, and then release stuff. *Dies because that’s going to take like all summer*

» Brand-New Dollhouse?!

My dad, my sister, and I have been talking about doing a summer project! We want to build an all-new dollhouse kind of like this one:

Photo credit:

Ours would have two floors, with three rooms on each floor. There would be a living room (we haven’t come up with a theme yet), a kitchen, and a bathroom (probably with an ocean theme). There would also be a unicorn-themed girls’ room, a galaxy-themed girls’ room, and a sports-themed boys’ room.

It’s always been my dream to have this dollhouse, and I really hope we can make it happen this summer! That would be absolutely incredible, and I’m so excited!

» And a huge surprise (of course)!

You didn’t see this coming, did you? 😉 My latest big surprise is kinda the exact same thing as the secret project mentioned somewhere above. And…it’s going to be BIG.

Remember those initials from the latest ZCN episode? DD stands for something special that involves this project. But, I’m not giving anything away until the official release!

Wait, did I just say release? Hmm, what kind of surprise would need a release? 😉

I mentioned there was going to be a survey, so here it is! It’s basically asking your opinion on all of the new things coming and how we can improve even more.

Please CLICK HERE to take the survey!

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What are you most excited for? Did you take the survey? What do you think the surprise is? Make sure to share this post so more people can take the survey and we can make AGW the best it can be!

2 years + share this post (1)

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Z Crew News Episode 4 | Coverage You Can Count On (Ft. Julia Herkel & Jo @ Pananaw)

Welcome back to Z Crew News, here for our fourth episode in the hit series! I’m your host, Ziana Yang, here with coverage you can count on. In this episode, you’ll find the usual Around the Blogsphere (now hosted by Paris Elliot) and What’s Up, AGW? segments, along with two super-special spotlights with Julia and Jo!

Now, onto Paris for the fan-favorite segment, Around the Blogsphere!

Hey, everyone! Paris here with the latest scoop from around the blogging world. In this segment, we feature awesome blogs that we love who are accomplishing some awesome things, going on hiatus, hosting a giveaway or contest, reaching a milestone, and more!

thedolljournalist from Little Doll Journals is hosting an American Girl course! The six week course may not have any actual educational value, but you will learn a ton of awesome new things about American Girl that you never knew before, including hairstyling and dressing your dolls, AG’s history, and all about AG. The course will launch on (insert date), and you can check it out here.

Natalie from The AG Spot is creating an AG Blogger’s Club! Members of the bloggers club will be able to reblog their posts, get publicity, have their site listed, make friends, do collabs, and more. The official site will launch soon, and you can sign up to become a member here. AGW is super excited to be apart of Natalie’s AG Blogger’s Club!**

Hannah from The Striped Plaid has started aesthetic blog where she posts quotes, aesthetics, photos, and more! You can check out SP Aesthetic here.**

Arabella from Sparks of Ara created an aesthetic blog also, titled Arasthetic. However, it was mysteriously deleted, without any notice, about a week ago! We contacted Ara, and she says, “I deleted Arasthetic because although it was a fun blog, it didn’t have much purpose and I could have been posting that stuff on my main blog, Sparks of Ara…I also knew I probably wouldn’t end up posting a lot. I think at some point in the future I will start a similar blog to Arasthetic. It’ll be focused more towards my life, with aesthetics and photos as well. I’m hoping to start it as summer comes, because I can share things from the summer!”

AG’s in Alaska, whose doll blog is titled the same as her original username, has started a brand new personal blog, called Swingsets and Snapshots, and changed to the pen name Morgan McCartie! “…as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I feel quite limited in what I can post about on my doll blog,” she said in a recent post announcing the news. “I’m sure many of you feel the same. I don’t want to be limited by only being able to post about dolls, so on my personal blog, I’ll be posting about photography, traveling, reading, writing, Alaskan life, my pets, and maybe even cooking!”* Why Morgan McCartie? She explains in the post that a long time ago her family’s last name got changed from McCartie, and her parents thought about naming her Morgan. Morgan thinks the two names go together perfectly, and the AGW crew and I couldn’t agree more!**

Mary from Middle Mary, Just Around the Corner, and Forever American Girl is celebrating one year of blogging with a stationary-themed giveaway! The prize package includes stickers, washi tape, clips, scrapbook paper, and more. You can enter here.

Ariana Evans from Ariana’s Archives recently changed her blog name from Ariana’s Flying Life to Ariana’s Archives! She also is now hosting weekly challenges on her blog and started a theology podcast, also called Ariana’s Archives.

Following the footsteps of many other bloggers who recently started podcasts (including Christina’s Convos, Blogging 101, and Ariana’s Archives), Heaven from Glorify Christ and her sister started an Adventures of Odyssey -themed podcast called Raspberry Ripples! Check out the podcast at their new site, Raspberry Ripples.

Also, Sam from Happily Ever After Dolls started a new personal blog! Don’t forget to follow Cherry on Top! Sam’s gorgeous graphic design and short and sweet posts are so amazing!**

Dozens of bloggers are back from Camp NaNo hiatuses, and even more joined the winner’s circle this year! “Over 70% of my cabin finished their projects this year!” Emmie says. “I’m so proud of everybody! We all worked so hard and did such a great job!”

And that’s it for the latest news from Around the Blogosphere! Back to you, Z!

*Post excerpt used with permission.

**None of these mentions are part of a blog tour.

Now for our next segment, What’s Up, AGW?, where we chat with Emmie and the other AGW dolls to find out the latest happenings and what’s coming up on the blog!

“I won Camp this year!” Emmie says excitedly. “I can’t believe it! Before Camp, I re-outlined Paris Takes The Shot, and renamed it Trying for the Sky. I recreated all the characters except Paris and Alexandra for copyright reasons, and restarted the actual writing part of the book. And now I’m at the first pinch point and almost 26k! I’m so happy and proud of myself!”

And what’s coming up on AGW this summer? “My school gets out on May 9th! I have a TON of things planned for this summer (including Forever Season 2)! There’s also going to be some BIG changes and BIG things coming to American Girl World (expect a post on that soon)! And, as usual, I’m planning a HUGE surprise.”

Emmie gave the ZCN Crew one cryptic hint of her surprise. She revealed the letters “DD” in her interview, and we’re puzzled at all of the possibilities!

We’re so excited to have TWO blogs spotlighted in our Spotlight segment this episode! First, please welcome Julia Herkel of Julia’s Creative Corner!

“I’m the third of seven girls, a reader, writer, singer, blogger, and dreamer. I homeschool, and love my coffee,” Julia says. Her friends would describe her as “Funny, writer, loyal. [And,] I love to sing and draw. I don’t call myself and artist yet in the drawing category, since I’m not that good yet. But I really want to get better, and in the future, get a drawing tablet.”

“I began blogging from a mixture of motives: I wanted other writers to learn from my mistakes, so they wouldn’t do the same (sometimes dumb) things as me. 😝 The other part was that I wanted to start growing an audience for my writing,” Julia says. She’s been blogging at JCC for just over a year and a half.

Her main goal for her blog is to help other writers. “My readers are basically what keep me going. I love knowing that I’ve helped someone with a problem, or to learn something new!”

She’s also working on growing her audience and making everything better for them. “I want my blog posts to be easier for them to understand, and fun to read. I’ve been putting in clear, followable steps at the end of my posts recently so that they can implement what they’ve learned from my post in their own writing.”

“I’ve written all types of posts in the past: interviews, tags, book reviews, cover making reviews, and writing posts. The majority of my posts are all writing-related, and I have to say, those are actually my favorite to write!” she says about the different posts on JCC. “They help me understand the subject better myself when I’m trying to put it into words for others, and I know that, somewhere out there, there’s a writer who needs this post exactly in their life right now. Feels pretty great!”

“I have one book available for purchase at the moment. It’s on Amazon, and it’s called The Storm Inside. At this time, though, I am actually rewriting that book to make it even better! 😃 Once it’s ready, I’m going to also put up a print copy to buy, instead of just an e-book format,” Julia says.

Her favorite genre to write is fantasy adventure, and her favorite part of the writing process is rewriting. “I love to see everything become better than it previously was. But I think this part is the easiest because I’m pretty good at seeing what’s bad about my own writing and what I should change in it. With the first draft already written, I can just work with it and rewrite it to be better,” she says.

Julia recalls her first ever novel. “Oh man, it was really bad! 😂 I called it The Changelings Six, unaware that mythical creatures [were already a thing]. These six kids were brought to another world, and are supposed to defeat the evil president there: Evan Evansan. (as you can see, I’m super with those last names) I cringe every time I think of that book!…As far as first books go, I think that I did okay. I tried to give everyone different personalities, and everyone was supposed to have their own motives. It all went crazy, though, when I threw in about sixty more main characters in book 2. It was nuts.”

The hardest part of writing for Julia is the end of each part, whether it’s writing the first draft, editing, revising, planning, or something else. “I love to make up new books, see them build before me, become better, and then perfected. But toward the end of each phase, I start to hate the current one I’m in, and wishing that I was in the next one already. I have to admit, that’s where I’m currently at in my writing right now. 😅”

We were so happy to have Julia on ZCN! Thank you so much, Julia! We enjoyed learning new things about you and your writing and blog! Don’t forget to check out Julia’s Creative Corner and subscribe to her email list!

For the next spotlight of this episode of ZCN, please welcome Jo from Pananaw and formerly The Lens and the Hard Drive as part of a blog tour!

“I’m Jo, I’m weird, and I can tell stories. XD I try to do everything I can get my hands on, and I try to do everything for God’s glory, and I’m a hopeless fanperson. Hopeless, I tell you!” Jo describes herself.

Her favorite part of homeschooling is “Getting to try things I could’ve have if I was in regular school. Because of homeschooling I am able to blog, to write, to join Bible Bee and NaNo, and I have a much more flexible schedule…it’s pretty neat! Also no social interaction. It’s both a pro and a con.”

In a few words, her friends would describe her as “IDEK. I. don’t. even. Know. It’s an inside joke about MBTI and how I get different results when I take the test. XD Pretty accurate, I gotta say!”

“People often think I’m Chinese because the corners of my eyes are turned up just slightly,” she shares a random fun fact about herself. “But honestly, I couldn’t look any more different- even if I am part, part part part Chinese.. ehhe. XD It’s kinda hard to label someone who’s a lotta things, I guess.”

And according to all of the activities Jo loves to do besides blogging, she certainly is a lotta things! “AOLKGGNOLJGNOGLKNG EHEH YES YES YES—so I’m an amateur acting enthusiast as well as a martial arts enthusiast- which is my way of saying that I love these things and do them but I’m not very good at them. XD I also like audio and video editing… and memes. Ice skating. Violin. You know. Things. Analyzing Marvel, LOTR, Naria, Wingfeather Saga, and the books I alpha. Fun stuff. “

Jo, an Emmie Award winner for best new blogger, blogged at The Lens and The Hard Drive for one year and a few months. “Which, as we all know in blogging years, is pretty long, all things considered,” Jo says. “It’s hard to believe everything that’s happened within the course of a year.”

Jo was inspired to create The Lens and the Hard Drive by “…my sister, who, before she left for college, ran this beautiful and deep, and sadly, archived blog. My sister inspired a ton of stuff 😂 and blogging was one of them…I wanted to [create TLHD] because I thought that, hey, maybe it would be fun to share thoughts with the world, make people smile, and y’know- I don’t think much. 😂”

But soon, Jo decided it was time for a fresh start with a new blog. “I kept trying to change The Lens & The Hard Drive’s theme and look, and y’know, stuff like that, but (as I believe Tess says) sometime last year was the end of a chapter in my life, and a new one was already being written down. Pananaw [her new blog] is a result of that change affecting everything in my life, blog included.”

Pananaw means Vision in the Tagalog language, and Jo wanted to reflect that on her new blog. “Originally I was going to name my blog Viewfinder, keeping in with my camera theme, and playing on the words “view” and “finder” to kinda show how I was trying to find that view for myself. But since that name was taken, I had to think of something unique, still meaningful, and hopefully one word…Pananaw is what happened after relying on my culture and some creativity.”

She blogs “to glorify God, make people smile (and think and laugh) and to have a blast. That’s it. XD What keeps me going is the fact that apparently, people do smile and laugh and think because of reading my posts, and that’s motivation to keep blogging.”

The types of posts Jo loves to write and the type of content that will be on Pananaw is “anything that lets me be sassy. And have GIFs. And memes. Oh the memes. And have a ton of references, cause, y’know, they’re pretty great. I usually write those, but I also tend to write about a lot of topics that I think about, such as well, movie themes and how they compare to real life, to the Bible; about how shutting your emotions down can be damaging, and how fast food workers are really important. That mix is what I’m hoping to bring to Pananaw, as well as a hint of Filipino culture- just a little bit. 😉”

We’re so thankful to have the chance to chat with Jo as part of the Pananaw blog launch! The link to the Pananaw blog is hidden in some of the different blogs in the tour – so you’ll have to check out every post to find the link to the blog! Follow the tour here:

May 5:

Character Interview with Ava @

Combo with Enni @

Interview with Rose @

May 6:

Combo with Grace @

ZCN News Interview + Spotlight with Emmie @

Interview + Blog Spotlight with Isabel @

May 7:

Interview (aka squealing) with Tess @

Isa @

Charrie Interview + Spotlight with Merie Shen @

May 8:

Interview with Allison Grace @

Blog Spotlight with Meredith @

Combo with Christina @

May 9:

Character Interview with Chloë Mali @

Blog Spotlight with Maya J.T @

Combo with Amie @

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight! Penny Wood @

Blog Spotlight with Bayance @

Blog Spotlight with Starling @

Character Interview + Blog Spotlight with Liz @

That’s it for this episode of Z Crew News, where there’s Coverage You Can Count On! We’d love to hear from you – don’t forget to leave us a tip through the contact form or the comments! (Plus, you could even get spotlighted if you do!) Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time on ZCN! Z Crew, Out!

What’s your favorite segment on ZCN? Are you excited for Pananaw? Are you going to check out Julia’s blog? Do you want to see more of ZCN?

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What Doll Should Meet Mixiepixie7? | Vote Now!

Hey guys! I have some super exciting news (that you can already tell from the title but I’m going to tell you anyway):

Mixiepixie7 is hosting a meetup at my local AG Store, and I’m going!!!

Originally, when I asked my mom about it, she just said “probably”. Which everyone knows ranks high on the Mom-o-Meter of responses.

But just today, I asked her again for confirmation, and she said YES!!!!!!

In case you live under a rock (or just don’t subscribe to AGTubers), Micah/Mixiepixie7 is a YouTuber who is super famous in the AGTube world and creates phenomenal stopmotions and videos!

This photo is from Micah’s Channel, so it’s not mine!

Here is the link to her channel, where you can find a video explaining details about the meetup and all of her other awesome content!

I’m a huge fan of her channel and I’m LITERALLY SO EXCITED to get to meet her!!!! Ahhhh I just want it to be March 10 already. And my friend might get to come with me!

So, of course, all of my dolls want to come too. But only one will be able to come with me! I’ve narrowed it down to my Top 3 options, and I have no idea which one to take!

So, I thought, why not let you guys decide?

I let each of the dolls put together a little “campaign”, where they will have a photo, short bio, why they want to go, and reasons to pick them! You guys will vote in the comments! The deadline is March 8, 2019, so you have until Friday to cast your vote!

Bio: Hi, I’m Paris Kay Elliot! I love basketball and journalism, and recently, I’ve gotten into acting! I starred in AGW’s Christmas movie Flashback and I’m going to co-star in Forever Season 2! (Yes, there is going to be a Season 2! If you vote for me, maybe I’ll give you some hints! 😉) I’m the main character in Emmie’s book, Trying for the Sky, (previously titled Paris Takes the Shot), and I’m the newest doll.

Why I want to go: I’ve always LOVED Mixiepixie7’s videos and I would absolutely love to meet her and take my first trip to the American Girl Store (not counting the time I was bought!) It would be awesome to interview her. She works with incredibly talented doll actresses all the time. And I’m hoping that she’ll bring Sophie Claire and Cassie, because I’d love to meet hem too!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there might be a new stop motion starring me! And I’ve never been to the AG Store besides getting bought, and I’m the newest doll.

Bio: Hey, everyone! I’m Alexandra Kate Blakely, a writer, singer, and ballerina! I look so much like Sophie Claire, I could be her twin sister! I played roles in Forever Season 1 as well as in Flashback and various videos and photo stories, plus I’m a character in TFTS. I have T1D, just like Emmie!

Why I want to go: I would love to meet my twin Sophie Claire if Micah brings her, and I love Micah’s videos and I’ve been watching them for as long as I can remember! Going to the AG Store is one of my favorite things to do, ever!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there will be a short story written by me and a photo shoot posted on this blog! Plus, you’ll get the CUTEST pics of me and Sophie Claire!

Bio: What’s up, guys? I’m Ziana Joy Yang, but you can call me Z. You probably recognize me as the host of the popular Z Crew News series and from my YouTube Channel, Z Crew, that has over 100,000 subscribers! I love filmmaking, dogs, photography, and art. I co-starred in Forever Season 1, and I’m going to star in Forever Season 2 as well! I also played the doctor in Flashback, and I’ve produced, directed, edited, and starred tons of videos for AGW’s channel, including Isabel and Lea React to Blaire Wilson!

Why I want to go: I absolutely love filmmaking and YouTube videos, so meeting Micah would be a dream come true for me! I’ve watched her channel since I was fostered and then came to the AGW family and it’s been amazing to see her channel grow. I would do an awesome interview with her, because I love journalism and I have a lot of practice from ZCN!

Why you should vote for me: If you vote for me, there will be a NEW ZCN EPISODE! And, the vlog we will take at the meetup will be directed and edited by me, and you’ll get a photo shoot of me, too! And, there

That’s it for the campaign bios! (Is that even a thing? Oh well, now it is.) Now it’s your turn! Who will get to go to the AG Store on Sunday, March 10? Only YOU can decide by commenting below your vote by March 8!

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Happy Valentine’s Day From Popcorn! (A Mini Photostory) + A Poll!

Hi, everyone! Are you surprised to see me here? Well, Emmie really wanted to do an awesome gigantic photo-story, but unfortunately she got sick and couldn’t do it! So I swooped in to the rescue and made this little post for you guys!

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic V-Day (as I like to call it)! Also, do you like this little flower setup I did? It’s not much, but when your owner kept coughing into the roses, you have to make do. 😉

SELFIE TIME!!!! Do you like chocolate for Valentine’s day? If so, what kind? RUSSEL STOVER IS THE BEST. But since I’m a dog I can’t exactly eat chocolate, but from what I’ve heard from Emmie and her dolls IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! And I want it! *whimpers*

There’s gonna be a ZCN soon, so watch out for that! So, make sure to comment down below the link to your Valentine’s post for a chance to be featured in the episode! Oh, look’s like Chewy wants the camera – here you go Chewy!

“WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS THINGY?” It’s a camera, Chewy! “Oh. What’s a camera?” Just let Emmie take your picture!

*Poses dramatically and thoughtfully, hair blowing in the breeze* *Is thinking about bacon* Happy Valentine’s Day, guys! May it be full of lots of chocolate and bacon! But not together, that would be gross. Lemme rephrase that: May your day be full of bacon for dinner/breakfast/lunch and chocolate for dessert!

So, I’m wondering something: What are your favorite posts to see? So I can give you guys, my readers, the content you want to see, I created a poll to help me decide what to post more and see what you like!


Thanks for reading, guys! Don’t forget to comment the link to your Valentine’s posts, and we just might be back Wednesday for an awesome photostory!

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