New Year’s Resolutions! | A Photostory

It’s January 6th, meaning most of you guys have set your New Year’s Resolutions! In this post, the AGW crew will tell you about theirs in this photostory! I can’t wait for you guys to read this and I had so much fun making it!


Lea: “My new year’s resolution is to get more rest and relax more. I’m always busy and out-and-about, so I want to do some self-care once in a while. I’ll probably be reading my Bible during that relaxation time. The only thing – it’ll be hard to relax with Maryellen around…”


Maryellen: “HEYYYYYY!!!! That is SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!! Check your facts, missy! I am a VERY RELAXED PERSON!!”

Lea: *muttering* “Are you though?”


Maryellen: “Anyways, my resolution: I want to try gymnastics. It seems really fun and I enjoy being upside down and doing a bunch of energetic things in a row. I think I have some more -”


Jade: *interrupts* “My resolution is to get into the American Girl Academy ballet company, and I also want to learn how to do flexibility tricks.”


Tenney: “I want the Shooting Star’s tour to be spectacular when we set off this May and for it to sell out! I also want to learn to play another instrument – maybe the violin.”


Isabel: “Uhh, Tenney, the first one isn’t really a resolution, more of a wish…Anyways, my resolution is to make the AGA junior dance competition team and junior ballet company. I also want to start reading my Bible every day like Jade does.”


Maryellen: “What I was SAYING before I was so RUDELY INTERRUPTED, my other resolution is to outdo myself and everyone else this April fools and pull some awesome pranks. Also, this is random but I want a skateboard, and if I get a skateboard then my other other resolution is to be able to ride it to the donut place and back by the end of summer.”


Logan: “My resolution is, as captain of the AGA basketball team, I will lead them to the championships again this year. Also, like Tenney, I am going to try my best to help make the tour as awesome as possible.”


Maryellen: “Charlie, that’s a weird resolution. I thought of one more: be even MORE awesome this year, if that’s even possible! My awesomeness is so insanely awesome that I will make an awesome resolution to be even more awesome!”


Alexandra: “Maryellen, that was the most confusing resolution ever. This year, I want to write a book. I’ve written various short stories and poems, but in 2019 I want to attempt a full-length novel! Also, I’m going to audition for Tenney and Logan’s band this year, and I really want to succeed! I plan to practice guitar, piano, and singing everyday in preparation for my audition.”

Untitled design.png

Charlie: “Every year I have some sort of complicated resolution that I forget about a week into the new year. So this year, I’ve decided to do something very simple that I know I can achieve and I will not forget. This year my resolution is to get out of bed each and every morning.”


Felicity: “I don’t make resolutions. Instead, I make a word for the year. This year, my word of the year is release. Release the old, welcome the new, and don’t hold on to bitter or bad feelings.”


Felicity: “Thank you all so much for reading this post! Emmie is praying that ya’ll have an awesome year. Happy 2019, everyone!”


What are your/your dolls’ resolutions? What are you most looking forward to in 2019?



Flashback. (A Christmas AGSM Movie) | For 200 Followers + 1 Year on YouTube!

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The other day I was at a pizza restaurant, mindlessly staring at the maximum occupancy: 160 sign. Today, I looked back on that moment and realized something absolutely CRAZY: All of my followers wouldn’t fit in that pizza restaurant!

You guys, I CANNOT thank you enough. When I started this blog I had NO IDEA how much it would grow – 200 followers seemed like a distant dream I could never achieve. I remember how happy I was when I got my first follower – you can only imagine how happy I am now!

Of course, blogging isn’t about followers at all. I used to get jealous of other blogs, thinking, I’ve had my blog longer than them but they have a lot more followers than me. I’ve definitely improved on that, and it seemed like when I stopped obsessing over follower counts and paid attention to creating and reading awesome content, my follow count started growing!

The least I can do to thank you guys besides this rambling ‘speech’ is finally post flashback.! I really, really wanted to get this up by Christmas, but due to several complications, I wasn’t able to. I’ve been working on it even harder for the past few days, and I just finished the final product today!

Without further ado… flashback: a christmas agsm movie!

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Destiny Phillips hasn’t been herself ever since her diabetes diagnosis last year. When the anniversary of her sickness rolls around, Christmas isn’t what it used to be. With the help of Present & Future, can Destiny become herself again?

I’m so, so excited you guys can finally see this! I’ve been working on it all December, and I think I’ve filmed & edited for about thirty hours in total. Make sure to tell me what you think (and if you recognized some of Destiny’s backstory from this post)!

Also, one more fun thing: I’ve been on YouTube for 1 year and 1 day! I started it on the last day of 2017. Even though I don’t upload as consistently as I do on the blog, or have very many subscribers, I still love making videos and I’m so grateful to have my channel! Kaylyn’s live videos have also helped me connect with other AGTubers, which is so cool! You can check out the AGW YouTube channel here!

Here’s to an awesome 2019! I have so many great things planned for AGW this year, and I can’t wait for y’all to see them. Here’s to an awesome year!


Isabel’s Bad Hair Day AGSM

Hi marshmallows! I’ve been working on a new AGSM for you guys, and I hope you like it! TIP: Go to the website if you’re in the reader and the video is not showing up.

Music credit: Anywhere by Ikson
Music provided by Music for Creators

I had so much fun making the video, and I hope you enjoyed it! Head over to our YouTube channel for more videos like this, and make sure to subscribe! Have a blessed day!

Did you like the video? What did you think about the music? Should I do more posts about Alexandra’s internship at Beauty Hair Salon?Signoff
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Eleven. // More Cheesecake, Shopping, and a New Doll

my new favorite gif ^ (thanks, natalie!)


Wow. That seems…crazy, I guess. It’s hard to believe. You know what’s also hard to believe? How amazing Wednesday was!

And no, I’m NOT bragging, I’m sharing my adventures, so please no hate in the comments! (everyone knows virtual marshmallows are so much better)

Wait, that’s not right. I’m not sharing my adventures…Paris is!


Oh yeah, did I forget to introduce the new doll, Truly Me #53 doll, Paris? *squeals with excitement* She’s so cute! I love her! *brushes her awesome hairstyle* I even made a little unboxing video to kick off the post – and here it is!

NOTE: Most of the time, the video doesn’t show up in the WordPress Reader. Please CLICK HERE to go to the website.

Can I take it over from here? Sure, Paris! OK!


Hi, I’m Paris! Right now, I’m at the AG Place for Emmie’s birthday.


“This morning, Emmie woke up to the birthday song – a family tradition! Then, she opened the wrapping paper and quickly made an unboxing video for her YouTube Channel.”


After that, we ate breakfast and then headed over to the mall.


This nice girl at the Grand Hotel let me take a selfie with her! However, when it was time to take the picture, she got distracted by this:


Apparently, Z is leaving by the end of this year! Emmie’s really sad about that – she thought that Z was one of AG’s best dolls. 


Emmie thinks this picture is artistic…I mean, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head it looks a bit artistic – Hey!


“Whoooooooo is that girl IIIIIIII see, staaaaaaaaring straight baaaaack at meeeeeee?”


Strike a pose!


No offense to this CYO model, but she’s kind of creepy.


You can get your ears pierced at the AGP now!


After we looked around the store for a bit, we headed over to The Children’s Place for some shopping!


Everything seemed to be 40% off for some reason.


After stopping at Crazy 8, we headed over to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. I had a ton of fun with the kids menu!


More selfies!


The pineapple pizza I ate was super good! Tenney photobombed, LOL! She came along with me to the store, and we’ve become pretty good friends.

Before…and after. Cheesecake successfully annihilated. 

Then, Emmie went ice skating! I couldn’t go, sadly, because I don’t have any skates. Emmie and her sister were the only people on the whole rink! It was super cool!

Thanks for the post, Paris! I filmed a little outro for you guys while I was on the ice:


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Mini Misadventures#2: The Juice Stand-Off! (Spring Break Post-a-Thon #4)

Hello there, people of the Earth!

I don’t really have an intro for ya’ll, so let’s get right to it! Sorry about the quality of some of these photos-I had to rush because we’re leaving for San Antonio in a few hours!

It was just another day and Alexandra was opening the Juice Stand.


Once she stocked the shelves, she stood there and waited for customers. IMG_2491.JPG

“It’s already been two hours! Where are all my customers?” She wondered.


“Get you fresh smoothies!” She heard a tiny voice shout. Huh? She turned her head.


A mini doll was running a juice stand, hogging all her customers!


Alexandra walked right up to the front of the line.


“How can I help you?” The mini asked.


“How dare you steal my customers!” She yelled.


”If you want them back, you’re gonna have to fight for them.”


“Fine,” Alexandra rolled her eyes at mini Addy. “I declare a Juice Bar Stand-Off!”


“Get your fresh fruit! Only 50¢!”


All the customers flocked to Alexandra’s Juice Stand.


“MY fresh fruit is only 25¢!” Mini Addy shouted.


All the customers ran to her Juice Stand.


“All proceeds go to JDRF!” Everyone scrambled to Lexi’s stand.


“All proceeds go to Amigos de Oceano!” Addy countered.


The two “Companies” battled against each other for customer rights for the next few hours.


But, eventually, the customers grew tired and just left.


“I guesser plan kinda backfired,” Addy said.


“Wait! I have an idea!” Alexandra said.


And that’s how the A + A Juice Bar began.


The end!


At the AGP! (Spring Break Post-a-Thon #2)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hi there, people of the Earth!

Welcome back to the Spring Break Post-a-Thon! (I finally found a name for it!) Today my sister, Barkleysblog123, Barkleysblog123’s sister, and I all went to the AGP Houston! I brought Alexandra with me and I got the Blue Sea Dress ($15) and the Seashell Lace Tank ($10)! We also got to eat at the American Girl Cafe and enjoyed a yummy treat–cupcakes!

Enjoy the above slideshow photos of the fun day at the AGP! See you tomorrow for Pen Pals!


The Super Bowl: A Mini Photo Story + WE HIT 100!!!


Untitled design.png

SAY WHAT NOW??? I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are so awesome! *hugs everyone* MARSHMALLOWS FOR EVERYONE! Wait, not everyone…*takes insulin shot* ok now I get my marshmallow! XD We’re going to have an AWESOME blog party next weekend, on Saturday, February 17, 2018 (exact time TBD) More details in tomorrow’s post!

Anyways…I thought it would be fun to do a little photo-story! Enjoy!

~In the POV of Maryellen~

IMG_2284Today is better than Easter. My birthday. Or (dare I say it?) Christmas.

IMG_2263 2.JPGWhy? Because it’s Super Bowl Sunday.

IMG_2264 2.JPGI race in to the living room at 5:00AM, a countdown until the game airs already ticking away in my head. Twelve hours to go.

IMG_2265 2.JPGStanding there, in all of its wonderful glory, is the coveted…


IMG_2267 2.JPGEvery year on Super Bowl Sunday, Alexandra decorates a bowl in a superhero mask and a cape and fills it to the brim with M&Ms. Then, all the other dolls have to guess how many M&Ms are in the bowl and put it on a slip of paper..

IMG_2269 2.JPGAnd the best part? The person closest to the total amount wins the ENTIRE BOWL of M&Ms! And bragging rights. Don’t forget the bragging rights.

IMG_2270.JPGWell, you see, dear reader, that I have never won this glorious treasure before.IMG_2271 2.JPGThat’s about to change.

I have a secret strategy, you see, that I am afraid cannot be disclosed. So, shoo! I need to get to work here!

 2 hours later…

~In the POV of Alexandra~

IMG_2272.JPGI arise at an early hour, to get up and defend the Super Bowl. I just can’t keep certain somebodies from stealing M&Ms or trying to pry the number out of me–This year, the number is 82, but shhh!

IMG_2273 2.JPGI walk in to the living room.

IMG_2274 2.JPGMy jaw drops in absolute horror. My face turns white in shock.


~In the POV of Maryellen~

IMG_2276 2.JPGIt had taken a while to get all of the dolls to get up early, but all of the votes were in. Then, when everyone went back to bed, I struck.

IMG_2277 2.JPG“WHERE. IS. THE. SUPER. BOWL?!?!!” I hear Alexandra exclaim maniacally. I have to stop myself from dying of laughter.


IMG_2279 2.JPGEveryone comes rushing out of their room. “What do you mean?” “Huh?” “What?” “How could this have happened?”

IMG_2280 2.JPGThis is my cue. I strut in to the room with a mischevious smile, chocolate smeared around my lips.

IMG_2282 2.JPGI hold out a sheet of paper with my guess on it.

IMG_2283 2.JPG“Well,” Alexandra says. “I guess you win!”

IMG_2284 2.JPG“I already did!” I lick my lips.

the end


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Christmas Collab Day 6: Z and Lissie’s Egg-cellent Egg Race

Elloh, epole fo eth artEh!

Word jumble, which is my recent obsession. 🙂 Here’s another puzzle:

maChiss si ni VENSE YADS!!!!!!!

Christmas is in a week! I can’t believe it. Anywho, on with the post!

(PS Emmie Awards voting will be up tomorrow.)


“I’M SO BOOOORRREEEDDD,” Felicity groans.


“Why don’t we open today’s advent?” Z suggests.


“Oh, yeah, duh, why didn’t I think of that?”


The two girls slowly pry open Day 6.


“Have an Egg Race,” Z reads.IMG_1830.JPG

“Six geese-a-laying,” Felicity hums quietly. “Here, I’ll get some spoons.”


“Wait, what are you doing?” Lexie asks.

IMG_1831.JPG“Having an egg race,” Z replies as she scampers off with an egg carton, but Alexandra stops her.IMG_1833.JPG

“I’m not letting you get egg yolk all over the floor,” Alexandra says in a mom-like tone. “If you guys are gonna have an egg race, then you guys better do it outside.”

“Aww, C’mon, the lighting is terrible outside,” Emmie groans.


“What was that?” Alexandra asks. Z replies with a shrug and races off to find Felicity.

“Change of plans, Lexi says we hafta move outside.” Z. explains.






“Ok,” Lissie replies.

IMG_1837.JPGOnce they are outside, they set up the eggs. “3…2….1….GO! Felicity is in the lead!” Felicity yells in her best commentator impression. “But Z. is coming up in a close second! And oh…oh…oh…Felicty DROPS the egg!”


“I WIN!” Z. yells triumphantly.


“Wait, who is that behind Z.? Could it be…another player?”


“MARYELLEN!” Z screams as Maryellen dumps her egg on to her head.


“He he!” Maryellen giggles mischievously and scrambles off.
IMG_1846.JPG“I’m gonna go hose myself off…”

She turns it on, and nothing happens. Felicity takes her foot off the hose.IMG_1848.JPG

“AHHHHH!!!!” Z shrieks as the hose sprays her in ice water.IMG_1853.JPG

“At least we’re outside?”



PS This is my 100th post!

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Christmas Collab Day 1: The Un-pear-able Treat

Hello, people of the earth!

Today is day 1 of the collaboration with the fabulous EnniMorgan! Her post will be up later this evening. I’ll be posting tomorrow, then she’ll be posting the next day, then I’ll be posting the day after that, and so on.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Please ignore the fact that Alexandra is not wearing underpants…

“What’s that?” Maryellen asked, pointing to the foam cut-out in Lexie’s lap as she and Isabel walked in to the kitchen/living room.

“It’s an advent calendar. Emmie made it for us.” Alexandra propped the “advent calendar” on the couch.

Isabel shot Ellie a confused look. “What’s that?” She mouthed. Ellie shrugged in reply.

“It’s how we’re gonna countdown until Christmas. Each day, we’ll open a flap and do an activity that the flap reads.”

Alexandra flipped open Flap #1. “What does it say?” Maryellen asked eagerly.

“Make a pear-related treat.” Alexandra read aloud.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh, I get it. Let’s look up some recipes.”Maryellen said. Alexandra flipped open the laptop and browsed through recipes.

la dee da.png

“This one looks good,” Maryellen said.

“I’ll preheat the oven!”

“I’ll gather the ingredients!”

“I guess I’ll do the baking,” Alexandra ran off to the counter.

«1 Hour Later»

Maryellen pulled the tray out of the oven, expecting to find rows of perfectly browned apple-and-pear crisps. Instead, she found a single lump of stringy, burnt pears.

“What’s that?” Alexandra asked.

“Ummm….our pear crisps.” Maryellen hesitantly took bite, which she immediately spit out. It tasted Terrible with a capital T!

“Wait, how high did you set the oven too?”

Sorry this is blurry!

“Uh, 3,760 degrees, like the recipe said.”

“No, the recipe said 376 with a degrees sign! That little O at the top means degrees!”


Alexandra facepalmed.

Don’t forget to check out the Emmie Awards!


Isabel’s Virtual Birthday Party!

Sorry this post is… a few hours late! 

You take a deep breath as you knock on the door. A cheerful Felicity doll opens it for you. 

“Hello! I expect you’re here for Isabel’s party?” You nod.

“Thanks for coming!” She then explains what happened that morning.

“Maryellen woke up early and then shook us awake.

“We then realized it was Isabel’s birthday, and we scurried off to make her breakfast in bed!

“Sounds like an interesting morning!” You chuckle as you follow her in to a dollhouse.

Wow, you think as you veiw the decor. Everyone is wearing fashionable clothing.

“Hi, I’m Maryellen. Don’t call me cute, my outfit is hideous and I only wore it cause izzy made me. Which outfit would you like?” You point to the one you want (tell me wich one you picked in the comments!) and pull it on.

Then you have a fashion show! You and All the dolls get to walk across the runway and showcase your outfits.

Then you have cake and all sing!

Did you have fun? Which outfit did you choose?

The Sisters Tag–Again!

So, remember when I did the sisters tag here? Well, one of my marvelous followers The AG Homeschooler nominated Maryellen and Isabel! This is Isabel’s first time doing the tag. 😊 

Here are the rules!

 • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. 

 • Answer the 11 questions given and have your sister do the same for you. This way, we can compare and contrast the two of you!

 • Nominate 7 bloggers and have them answer the same 11 questions.

 • Have fun! 

So first, Isabel!

Which of you is older?

I am! I’m actually the oldest of all of EmeraldPhoenix’s dolls.

What’s your favorite thing to do together ?

We like to go to the juice bar together! I work there, and sometimes after hours well come over for a snack.

What is your sisters favorite food?

I think anything with sugar! She particularly likes chocolate.

What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

I like how she’s always positive, and kind. She may be the littlest of the doll family, but her heart is definitely the biggest! She’s very generous and loves to play.

What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?

She’s very talkative. I can never get her to stop! She’ll just go on and on and rarely let others join the conversation.

What’s one hobby that you have that the other doesn’t?

I love to dance! Maryellen more prefers ice skating, and drawing.

Who keeps a cleaner room?

Me! Maryellen’s room (which she shares with DiamoundUnicorn’s Lea) is like, never clean. Never.

What’s the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

She loves pranks and goes to extreme measures when she does them. The problem is, I’m usually the victim…

Describe each other in 3 words.

Crazy, feisty, bold

How do you two differ personality-wise?

She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. We both have different interests and hobbies.

Why do you love your sister? (C’mon, you know you do!)

She’s super fun to hang out with and always has a unique perspective on things!

Maryellen’s Answers

Which of you is older?


What’s your favorite thing to do together?

I like when we go to the juice bar, and it’s so fun when we pretend that we are huntresses in the jungle!

What’s your sister’s favorite food?

She likes anything from the juice bar.

What’s a character trait in the other that you appreciate?

I like how she’s loyal, and sticks with you till the end.

What’s a character trait in the other that you don’t appreciate?

She can get a bit bossy.

What’s one hobby that you have that the other doesn’t?

I like to ice skate and scrapbook!

Who keeps a cleaner room?


What’s the biggest way in which your sister can annoy you?

I’m the only one who annoys people in the dollhouse. 😏

Describe each other in 3 words.

Creative, loyal, pretty

How do you two differ personality-wise?

She’s a major fashion queen, and drama queen. Sure, I’m pretty dramatic, but a major tomboy whereas she is the ultimate girly girl. 😊

Why do you love your sister? (C’mon, you know you do!)

She’s really nice to me, and is willing to play with me a little more than Lexie is. 😏

Well, that’s it! Happy Fourth of July to all who celebrate it! I’m taking Isabel to our neighborhood firework show, so keep your eyes peeled for a post!

What We Did While She Was Gone Pt 4


“Jayla will have to spend the night  at the hospital. Thank you for your patience. I’m afraid everyone but Jayla’s parents will have to leave now.” The doctor announces to the waiting room. 

“Thank you for calling 911. You did the right thing,” Jayla’s mom says to me. 

“Your welcome,” I reply, gathering my stuff and rounding up my sisters.

“I wish we could call Emmie and tell her what happened,” Maryellen says as we walk through the parking lot. “Too bad that her camp doesn’t let her bring electronic devices.”

“That’s it!” Felicity cries. “Ellie, you’re a genius!” 

“I am?” Maryellen says confusedly.

I look at her and shrug my shoulders. “You ever know when it comes to Lissie.”



Perfect, I think as I read through the letter one last time.

Dear Emmie, 

How is camp going? What cabin are you in? Things have been fine here, except for the fact that we got in a fight over a movie. Lexie made us vote. We had an even number, so we invited Jayla to come over to help break the tie. 

The problem is, she had a reaction, so now she’s in the hospital. Everyone is really sad and worried and blaming it on themselves.

Please respond soon. Tell Grace and Claire hello.

With love, 


“Guys!” I shout, waving the paper at them. 

“What is it?  Is EmeraldPhoenix getting a new doll?”

“No, but better!” I let each of them read the letter. 

“Do you think it’s okay?” 

“It’s better than okay!” Isabel exclaims. “C’mon, let’s go mail it!”

I let you take a break from cliffhangers for a while because I just can’t make very good cliffhangers because the last two parts had them so yeah.

Oh, and I almost forgot—if you haven’t already, please please please checkout Taco Bout It Tuesday #1! If you commment with a link to your taco-realated post (it MUST have a link to included in the post) you’ll get Taco tagged (and you may or may not get bonus entries to the big taco gift card giveaway that may or may not be happening at the end of the series!)

What We Did While She Was Gone Pt 3


I gaze at Jayla. She isn’t moving.

At the sight of her chest heaving up and down, I start to relax and I pull out my phone and open the message app.

It automatically takes me to Jayla’s chat page, for she was my most recent texter.

I re-read our conversation.

Do u want 2 come over tonite 4 a movie?

Those words sting like angry wasps. I they weren’t on the screen, then Jayla wouldn’t be like–like that.

The worst part?

That it was all my fault.


I look at Jayla, lying helplessly in the drab hospital bed.

Winter is pacing around her.

Why, why did I have to argue with Lissie over some dumb movie? Why did I have to declare a sort of war between my siblings? 

I couldn’t bear to think of alll the mess I had made, not only to the house, but to Jayla. 

If I hadn’t been quarreling with my own family, she wouldn’t have had to come over to break the tie and things wouldn’t be like–like this.

The worst part?

That it was all my fault.


Why did I have to make my siblings vote, of all things? Hadn’t I known that there was an even number of dolls? Why had I been so desperate for a say in the movie we watched? 

I couldn’t bear to think of the fact that if I hadnt voted, Jayla wouldn’t have needed to come.

The worst part? 

That it was all my fault.


“Visiting hours are over.” The doctor says and all of Jayla’s admirers, friends, and relatives file out in to the eaiting room. 

Alexandra, Isabel, and Felicity are all sitting in a row with their heads down, probably blaming themselves.

It was so pathetic that it was almost funny. I would’ve laughed, despite the dire situation. 

“Guys,” I say to them as I plop on the couch. “You know it’s none of your faults, right? Why are all of you blaming yourselves for something that happened by coincidence? It could have just as easily happened at her house.”

“You’re right,” Isabel says.

“Thank goodness for Winter.” Alexandra sighs. 

What will happen to Jayla? How will they contact Emmie?