I Entered Lea in a Doll Photography Contest…and Got 2nd Place?! | All Of My Photos From the Competition!

(The new design is up! Click here to view this post on the site.) Hey guys! Emmie here, with some incredible news! I entered Lea in a doll photography contest, and I won 2nd place! This is such a huge achievement for me, and I can’t believe I made it all the way to the […]

Hola! | A Summer AGMV (Cover)

Hey guys! It’s Emmie here with a brand-new AGMV with a summery vibe! I absolutely LOVE this song and I was super excited to cover it for an AGMV! Lately I’ve been taking summery snapshots with my polaroid camera for my scrapbook, so I decided to go with a polaroid theme for the AGMV. I […]

BIG Things Are Coming to American Girl World This Summer…{PLEASE READ}

American Girl World has been a huge part of my life ever since I started it two and a half years ago. It’s grown so, so much, even more than I ever imagined. But I’ve grown too. While I haven’t grown out of dolls, I’ve been noticing some things about this blog really don’t fit […]


Hey guys! Here’s the latest video from the AGW YT Channel, where I react to my first stop motions ever! (They’re so cringey, lol!) β˜† Hey guys! Here’s my photo for this week. Do you think it’s good enough to keep me in the competition? #AGMC β˜† β˜† VISIT THE BLOG: https://americangirlworld.blog β˜† β˜† DON’T […]

Z Crew News Episode 4 | Coverage You Can Count On (Ft. Julia Herkel & Jo @ Pananaw)

Welcome back to Z Crew News, here for our fourth episode in the hit series! I’m your host, Ziana Yang, here with coverage you can count on. In this episode, you’ll find the usual Around the Blogsphere (now hosted by Paris Elliot) and What’s Up, AGW? segments, along with two super-special spotlights with Julia and […]

5 Outfits Inspired By American Girl Dolls! | Video

Hey guys! I’m so happy to say that I’m back from my kinda hiatus, and you’ll see videos from me every Friday and posts from me every Monday! I had a TON of fun creating this video! It took a lot of hard work, but I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I […]

Confetti Eggs, Easter, and Felicity’s Birthday // A Photoshoot

Happy Easter, guys! Felicity here! Last Friday, April 12, was my birthday! My best friend-slash-sister, Lea, was busy modeling for a photo contest Emmie’s in that day, (check out a playlist of all of the photos and rounds so far here!) and I was camping with some of my horseback friends! So to make up […]

All My Dolls 2019! | A Video

Hey guys! In this post, I said there’d be an All My Dolls video on the AGW YouTube channel, so here it is! Note: Usually, the video doesn’t show up in the reader. Please go to the site to watch the video! I’m really excited that the AGW YouTube Channel is growing – we’re 1 […]

Doing the Star Wars Character Tag…WITH MY DOLLS! (And Chewy, and Popcorn, and Me)

Hey guys! So I’ve seen the Star Wars Character Tag around the blogosphere…and it looks really really fun! I love Star Wars! But the thing is, I don’t have enough characters for this or a blog that fits a niche that would relate to this tag*. So I decided, why not steal this tag and […]

meeting mixiepixie7?! {A VLOG}

Hi guys! I can’t believe I got to meet Mixiepixie7 yesterday! Here’s the fun vlog I took at the meetup, I hope you enjoy it! (If the video is not showing up, please CLICK HERE) Click here to like, comment, and subscribe! Video description: β˜† Hey guys! Yesterday, I met mixiepixie7 at her meetup! It […]

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Hey marshmallows! Emmie here with a reminder that today is the LAST DAY for you to decide which doll will get picked to go to Mixiepixie7’s meetup! Click here to cast your vote in the comments! Hey guys! I have some super exciting news (that you can already tell from the title but I’m going […]

What Doll Should Meet Mixiepixie7? | Vote Now!

Hey guys! I have some super exciting news (that you can already tell from the title but I’m going to tell you anyway): Mixiepixie7 is hosting a meetup at my local AG Store, and I’m going!!! Originally, when I asked my mom about it, she just said “probably”. Which everyone knows ranks high on the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day From Popcorn! (A Mini Photostory) + A Poll!

Hi, everyone! Are you surprised to see me here? Well, Emmie really wanted to do an awesome gigantic photo-story, but unfortunately she got sick and couldn’t do it! So I swooped in to the rescue and made this little post for you guys! I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic V-Day (as I like […]