Hotels, Hospitals & The AGP // An AG Mini-Movie + Updates

Hey, peeps! I’m here with a mini-movie and some updates for y’all!

//The Mini Movie

Maryellen goes to a hotel to get away from her crazy family but is underwhelmed by the small pool. Then she gets a phone call – Z needs to go to the hospital, stat! Will Z be ok? Watch to find out! (Please watch HD!)

Backstory: It was my sister’s birthday on the 20th! She got a new doll (#74)ย who she named Charlie! We went to the AGP and I brought Z and Maryellen with me. Z is currently at the doll hospital to get her permapanties removed!//


Undercover is currently about halfway through the writing stage! Once I get all the writing finished I’ll move on to the photos once Z comes home! Look for it this summer/late spring! //

//Posting Scheduleย 

I think I am going to post on here every Saturday and Wednesday! I’ll post on SFMF on Wednesdays and occasionally Sundays. WA will be posted on every Sunday. UPDATE:ย I decided on Monday instead.ย (Psst! Check out this post!)//

//New Doll?

My sister and I are now officially sharing her Lea doll! I will put her up on the Meet the Dolls page ASAP! //

//Doll House Renovation

We bought our old table back from our neighbors at a recent garage sale! So, my sister and I are turning the table in to the second story of our dollhouse! There will be a video up soon!//

//New Tripod

My old tripod is broken so I got a new one from the garage sale mentioned above! The problem is, I have an Aquavar mount but the tripod is Sunpak 6000PG, so it doesn’t fit! Does anyone know where I can get a low-cost tripod for iPad mini that will fit? Thanks! //

Welp, that’s it for the updates! See ya Saturday!

The Random Edit! (1)

Random Word of the Day:ย Slew

Random Fun Fact of the Day:ย If you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib. <—– so very random!

Random Thing I Did Today:ย Went to the doctor’s office and did my homework whilst waiting for her to finish her appointment.

Random Awesome Blog:ย (Thanks for the recommendation, whoever you are!ย I kinda forgot who it was, haha!ย Tell me in the comments if it was you! )ย CC Nailed It <—- a fun blog with nail tips and tricks and inspiration!



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