{Double Character Interview // Julia Rose & Tunes of my Heart Blog Tour}

I had the awesome privilege of being able to participate in not one, but two blog tours! Be sure to check out Rebekah’s new blog, Tunes of My Heart, and Light4theLord’s new blog, Julia Rose!

So, to promote both blogs, I’m doing a double character interveiw with characters from Light4theLord and Rebekah’s book! So, here it is!

(I will be in italics)



1. What are three words to describe you?
KARAH: Three words? Well.. people say I’m quiet and responsible, so I suppose those count… and my sisters say I’m a storyteller… I would say quiet, storyteller, and responsible.
DAISY: Adventurous, tomboyish, saucy. *flips hair*
“Saucy. *flips hair*” Best. Description. Ever. XDiu.png
2. What is your dream job?
KARAH:  *laughs quietly* Anything that supplies enough to feed my family. I don’t have very big dreams. I’ve been disappointed too many times to try anymore.
DAISY: Hmm, I’m not sure; ambitious is not a word to describe me, and I hardly ever think about my future (I’m too preoccupied with daydreams and fancies). But really, I would love any job that involved variety, versatility, unpredictability, and adventure! Anything that’s exciting (I can’t stand boredom) and where my daring spirit would be a good fit.
3. If you could go anywhere in the/your world, where would you go?
KARAH: Home. I don’t really like traveling, and I love my home – even if it’s small, and not very fancy, it’s where I can be me.
DAISY: Lemme think for a second. This is in the book – my best friend Karah Vedier’s house. You would think I’m kidding. I’m the daughter of one of the most powerful dukes in Ireland; I live in a manor sprawling acres and acres with several rooms all to myself and all the luxurious extravagance any twelve-year-old girl could wish for, and yet…honestly, I would rather be in Karah’s home. It’s a wee little cottage half the size of my bedroom, and truly it’s the most rundown and dilapidated place I’ve ever seen, but there’s something there that can’t be felt when I’m back at the manor. Maybe the manor is just too big and fancy for me, I guess. But Karah and her father and mother and her four little siblings just seem to be so happy. Despite how poor they are and how they don’t even know where their next meal is coming from. And for whatever reason, every time I get to go there (I got to go to her little sister Rebekah’s birthday party, guys, you can read about that when the book is released for beta reading), I’m strangely infected with their happiness as well. Yeah, all that to answer one question. (Sorry about the lengthiness of my answers. I’ve never been in a “character interview” before so all this is quite new to me).
Wow, same answer, completely different lengths!

4. What is your favorite food?

KARAH: I haven’t tried a lot of foods. Food in general is nice to have, and even then I don’t always have it, so I just appreciate what I can get. But.. in all honesty, when I was younger, we had a few cherry trees (before the drought destroyed the orchards everywhere) and I loved them.
DAISY: Foooood! I really like the lentil/barley stew that Juliette (one of the cooks) makes all the time. Despite the fact that she puts CORIANDER in it. How dare she. XD
Can I just say YUM! But how dare you guys not mention marshmallows. *GASP* KARAH HASN’T TRIED MARSHMALLOWS!!!!! *rushes her to the marshmallow deprivation hospital*
5. What is the most interesting thing about you?
KARAH: *smiles* I don’t find myself very interesting. I mean, if anything, I suppose my storytelling would count as interesting. Rebekah and Sarah, my little sisters, love it when we sit on the banks of the river and I weave tales for them.
DAISY: This isn’t very interesting, but I have an older sister: Coraleigh (Cora for short). AND GUYS SHE’S SO ANNOYING. (she says the same of me, but whatever). She’s super prim and proper and perfect, and always criticizing how “unladylike” I am: once she even shouted after me, “Don’t get the grass muddy!” when I was walking across the lawn. I had a good laugh over that. *SPOILER ALERT!* but at least her life got ruined in the end when Robert got stripped of his lands. *evil laugh*
AHH DAISY I FEEL YOU. Oh, and Karah, please tell me a story!!!
6. What’s your biggest fear?
KARAH: * falls silent* I-I don’t like talking about things like that, if you don’t mind.
DAISY: I don’t have that many fears, actually. Mother says I’m fearless, and Father calls me his brave little soldier. But I do HATE getting embarassed. I’m really outspoken, so I tend to embarass myself all the time when I get mad (because I’ll put up a fight in public) or when I stand up for people.
Ummm…AWKWARD. Sorry, Karah.
7. Who is your bestest friend in the whole wide world?
KARAH:*brightens* Daisy! She’s the only friend I’ve ever had, and she’s not like anyone else I’ve ever met. She doesn’t look down on me just because of our social statuses. And… you never know what’ll happen with Daisy around.
DAISY: Karah Vedier! She’s actually my lady’s maid, but she’s also my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I wouldn’t trade her for any other. {Karah’s the other protagonist in our story, whom Julia writes from the POV of. Rebekah’s stuck with me. *evil grin*
If only you knew who you were interviewing with, Daisy. *chuckles*
8. What is your favorite book?
KARAH:  I don’t get to read very much, but sometimes, when Daisy is having music lessons, she lets me read her books. My favorite will always be the Bible – Daisy has a lovely illustrated copy that has all the pages (unlike the one I have at home)!
DAISY: Books?! Ewwwwww, nasty things. I don’t have a favorite. I do have a least favorite, though: ALL OF THEM. Actually, I’m finding the Bible to be quite interesting, though I don’t really believe in it *yet*.
9. If you were forced to spend the rest of your life on an island and could only take three things with you, what would you pick?
KARAH: Why would I be forced to live on an island? Three things? Why only three? But, if I must: matches, water, and a knife. Survival, of course, is reliant upon those things.
DAISY: Ooh, stranded on an island? That means ADVENTURE! I’d bring…food, water, and my journal.
Uhhh…no idea why. Umm….you got kidnapped and they dumped you on an island and you only had time to grab three things?? 
10. (Last question!) Would you be considered an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?
KARAH: Introvert, most definitely.
DAISY: I can never figure this one out. Technically, I’d classify myself as a crazy extrovert. But when I’m with super regal/fancy/aristocratic people, I don’t do that much talking (probably ’cause I’m bored out of my wits).
Interesting….very interesting…
11. Thank you so much for letting me interview you guys! I had a lot of fun!
KARAH: You’re most welcome!
DAISY: I had a lot of fun too!
Thank you so much for reading, and be sure to check out both blogs!



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