Christmas Collab Day 10: The Disastrous Dance-Off

Greetings, people of the Earth!

DISCLAIMER: This post will be bad quality because a) I’m traveling b) The lighting is bad and c) because I’m on a mobile device.

“Hi, Lea!” Alexandra said to her cousin on FaceTime. “Hey, we forgot the advent calendar. Can you open it up for us to tell us what it says for today?”

“Sure,” Lea replied. She opened up Day 10 on the calendar. “It says to have a dance off.”

“Did someone say dance off?” Maryellen pranced on to the room.

“What are you wearing?!” Alexandra gasped at the Isabel-like outfit.

“My dance outfit. Anyways, I’ll go first.”

“Uhh, what are you doing?”

“Starting off my dance with a dramatic entrance,” Maryellen rose up from laying on the floor dramatically.

She cartwheeled…

She did some kind of coffee-grinder-type move…

And then, bowed.

“Beat that,” Maryellen said cockily.

Lexie was unsure what to do. Then she decide on waving her arms side to side for a bit, shaking her hips as she went.

She ended her short solo with a dab.

“What kind of a dance is THAT? I definitely won.”

“No, I did!” Alexandra tackled Maryellen.

Who won?

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Hey there! *Sips tea* I’m a tween aspiring authoress, type-one-diabetic, child of God, dancer, and blogger. My username is EmeraldPhoenix, but most people call me Emmie. Thanks for stopping by! ~Emmie

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