Felicity the Cheerleader!

The Diary of a Doll

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Hiiiii guys! So I kinda went on an un-announced hiatus because of NaNoWriMo/NaNoWriMo prep. Ooops. XD

Anyways…Lea had to babysit our little cousin Raven and she was taking her to the park, so we decided to tag along! (This was back in August, btw, otherwise it would have been FREEZING!) I had been training for cheer tryouts and Isabel was my “coach”, so we jumped at the chance to show off our skills at the park.


Splits! (Ahhh, bow, get outta my face)


It’s a bird–it’s a plane!–No, its Felicity doing a flip!


Lea joined in for a stunt!


Bridge time!


Ooops–gotta go, Lea wants the computer from me!


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Emmie 💖

Hey there! *Sips tea* I’m a tween aspiring authoress, type-one-diabetic, child of God, dancer, and blogger. My username is EmeraldPhoenix, but most people call me Emmie. Thanks for stopping by! ~Emmie

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