i’m ten. | A Day Filled of Cheesecake, Yoga while Rapping, and an Unexpected Arrival

hello, people of the earth. or mars. or saturn. or venus.




*does crazy dance* Yesterday was me & Lexi’s birthday! by the 9788783333 “Happy Birthday” my smile says thank you but inside i am screaming ONE MORE AND I’LL DESTROY YOU It’s so crazy, I’ve had Lexi for 3 years. So that means…*does complicated math problem* IVE BEEN COLLECTING DOLLS FOR 3 AND 1/2 YEARS???? That’s crazy. And I’ve been blogging for almost a year now! because two days before Christmas was such a convenient time to start a blog. I’ve met so many amazing people through this little blog who has “doll videos , doll how-tos, doll photo stories, and doll tips. I can’t wait to update you on all that’s happening!” —Welcome to American Girl World! (First Post)

Ya’ll have been so supportive through my blogging journey, you all are the best. I remember when I was so puzzled about what XD meant (I was convinced it meant X-Ray Definition. ? ) I wanted to give a few shoutouts to:

Lissie – You inspired me to start blogging and probably have no idea I exist.

Madison – You’ve been such an encouragement and a great role model. Thank you for being my very first ‘real’ commenter/follower!

 E N N I – (Each letter leads to a different one of her blogs!) SHE HAS BEEN SO, SO, SUPPORTIVE and commented on nearly every post. *hands you marshmallow of the month award* Plus, she gives the best advice:

Tip for Forever: Don’t overdo it! Working tirelessly on it can alter inspiration. Take a break, take some pictures, work on something else…the ideas will come to YOU.



Hannah – Hannah has been so supportive throughout my blogging journey! You go gal!

KaylinsWorldBlog– You have been the absolute best and are so sweet in the comments and are always saying positive and encouraging things that keep me motivated!

RebCake – Thank you for being my best blogging bud, you have helped me sO mUcH all these months that I had this blog! She actually tagged me for my very first tag!

If I shouted out every one of you, ya’ll would be staring at the screen for hours! Even if i didn’t personally mention you, if you follow AGW or even just reading this post you have helped. me. so. much. you have encouraged me and inspired me. THANK YOU.

Wow, I got a little emotional writing that!



After we did what you’ll find out soon, we headed over to the cheesecake factory! The service was really good and the CHEESCAKE WAS SO GOOD. We got cookie dough flavored and since it was my birthday they put these giant blobs of whipped cream on eather end and we got to smother it in chocolate sauce. SOOO GOOOOOD





On the way back from the CF we saw some people in this lawn doing yoga/workout stuff. This boombox was rapping at everyone to “work it” and “be one with the tree”. Am I hallucinating?



















I GOT Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s so cute. She actually does have Permapanties, but it’s not that big of a deal, I love her anyways.




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