Going on Kinda Sorta Hiatus? + A Poll

I was in a Little Mermaid play last week! I played Ariel^. Sadly, due to copyright laws, I wasn’t able to post a video, but I can post pictures!

Hello my little… No fair, Enni gets to call her followers Stardust. So I guess I’ll call you… hmm, over at The Realm of Writing ya’ll are called Realmers, but I have no idea what to call you here. Worldies? Please shoot me a comment of what you think American Girl World’s followers should be called.

Guess what? We’ve upgraded to the WordPress.com PREMIUM PLAN!! This means we’ll be able to change text colors, post videos, and have super cool themes!

Well, as you may have seen from the title, we’re going on a




I’m sorry! I know that I promised a post (Sew Cute Photo Dump) for Tuesday and I honest and truly had the whole thing all typed up and most o the pics taken, I just never got around to it in time.

The reason we’re going in hiatus is… Im going to my Grandma’s for a week! No, it’s not the one I went to the week before last week. =) What doll should I bring? Don’t forget to Take Our Poll (closes at 1:00 PM Central Time) to make your opinion count.

And why is it Kinda Sorta you might ask? Well, I will be extra busty and may or may not have time to post, but I will be active on the internet, replying to your comments, viewing your posts, and commenting on your blogs and Youtube channels =).

Hey guys. Maryellen here. (I will be posting in teal.) Just wanted to tell you, VOTE FOR ME or face the wrath of Maryellen Larkin-Blakely. Seriously, Emmie? What kind of a title is that? Listen to me, dear readers. Vote. On THIS POLL, and vote for me!

Hello! It’s Isabel. (I will be posting in pink.) Just saying, vote for me. I haven’t gone somewhere with just Emmie in like, forever. So like, you should totally click on this Linkedy link, and VOTE FOR IZZY! Or else…

Hey everybody! It’s me, Lissie, your ultimate favorite doll on AGW. If you vote for moi on This Poll, I will seriously make you a sign off. Or header. or featured image. Just tell me in the comments you voted for me and tell me if you want a sign off, a header, or a featured image (please include the text you want to be in it and what you want it to look like.) and check back to this page to see your image!

Bonjour! I’m Alexandra. (I will be posting in this really cool greenish color.) Vote for me on The poll! If I win, I will post a special road trip post for ya’ll! Vote for Lexie!

Bye everyone!





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Hey there! *Sips tea* I’m a tween aspiring authoress, type-one-diabetic, child of God, dancer, and blogger. My username is EmeraldPhoenix, but most people call me Emmie. Thanks for stopping by! ~Emmie

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