What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 1

This is the post I promised! It turned out to be quite a long photostory, so it will be done in two parts.


“We’ll be fine, Mom.” I say as EmeraldPhoenix reminds me for the 100th time to be good for Isabelle, who she had left in charge. 

“But I just don’t get why Iz is in charge,” I complain. My voice drops to a whisper. “She’s not the most responsible, you know.” 

“Neither are you.” Mom says smartly. “She’s the oldest, so that’s that.” 

“But why can’t I be in charge, or at least Felicity?” Felicity is my partner in crime. She would help keep the house mischevious. 

“No buts. Besides, you and Felicity are on the younger side. If anything, Alexandra would be in charge. She’s the sensible one.” 

Apparently, Alexandra hears this, for she lets out a little ‘Humph!’ of satisfaction.

Hair flip! XD

Phoenix kisses each of us on the forehead. “Bye, everyone!” 

“Goodbye!” We all wave. 

I wish she would hurry up. 

There was a lot of mischief to be done. 


“I’m bored,” I complain. I know better than to whine, but Mom wasn’t there to tell me off for it.

“We could go to the mall,” Isabelle suggests.

“NO!” All of us scream, minus Alexandra, who seems to like the idea. 

“We could play whirligig,” I say. Everyone looks at me, confused.

“Excuse me?” Lea cocks her head to the side. 


My cheeks are red with embarrassment. “It’s a game we played back in 1776,” I explain. “It’s  a wooden circle with string attached on either side. You have to try to spin it.” 

“Well, we don’t have a whirlywig, or whatever it is.” Maryellen points out. 

“We could start a band,” Logan says. 

Logan why are you about to bonk Maryellen on the nose with your drumstick explain yourself

“Yeah, but we only have a few instruments. What kind songs would we play?” 

“I’m not sure.” Logan replies. “Rock?” 

“Yuck, no,” Alexandra joins in. “What about pop?” 

“No way,” I chime. “Let’s play classical.” 

“Classical is bor-ing.” Maryellen says. “How about we watch a movie.” 

“We can order pizza!”


“We can invite Jayla!”
“We can watch Felicity; an American Girl!” I say sheepishly.

“No, Félicité, we’re gonna watch Isabelle.

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

“Girls!” Alexandra separates us. “Let’s vote. If you are in favor of watching Felicity, please raise your hand.”

Alexandra, Lea, and me all raise our hands. 

“Favor of watching Isabelle?” 

Isabelle, Logan, and Maryellen raise their hands. 

“Well, we have an even number. Let’s see what Jayla says.” 

“I’ll text her and ask if she can come over,” I say, grabbing my phone and typing the message.  

WOW my dolls have really bad grammar. 😊

Can u cum ovr tonite 4 a movie?

Yeah,, I’m free tonite. Wat r we watching?

That’s the thing. We dont really no. Were trying 2 decide between the Isabelle and felicity movie. Which 1 do u want?

Felicity sounds fine.

Hoping u’d say that! XD 😀😃

“She said Felicity.” I say with a smirk.

” I don’t believe you.” Isabelle frowns.

“See?” I say, triumphantly thrusting the phone in her face.

“You were lying, then!” Isabelle fibs. 

“What do you mean? That says Felicity, plain as day.” 

“I can’t believe you would lie to me!” 

“I DIDN’T!!” I roar, grabbing the phone and shoving it under everyone’s noses so they could see the words. 

“Chillax, Iz.” Maryellen says calmly. “It says Felicity. No need to lie to us.” 


My eyes dart this way and that as insults and objects fly back and forth. 

Suddenly, I hear the dooorbell ring.

“Guys, stop fighting, pizza’s here!” I shout over the commotion. 

“When did you order the pizza?” Logan says, coming to his senses.

“I ordered it while Lissie was texting! And everyone, just BE QUIET FOR ONE SECOUND!” I yell. 

Everyone silences. The objects that had been flying crash to the floor.

“This is ridiculous!I f you excuse me, I’m gonna go get that pizza!” 


What movie do you think they’re gonna watch? Who is this Jayla, anyway? Who do you think is telling the truth? Did you like this post? Are you excited for the next part? Click the like button and leave a comment, telling us what you think! 

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8 thoughts on “What We Did While She Was Gone Pt. 1

  1. Hmm, their friend, cousin? Ooh! I know! A criminal convict arrested for plagurism of the Isabelle movie! I’m pretty sure that Felicity is telling the truth because we did see the texts. But you never know!👍

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