June Goals+ Wrapping Up May+ Hiatus Notice

Why hello, everyone! **waves** Do you remember this post? Well, I’ll show you just how I completed those goals…

1. Start Finding Faith Photostory Series X Well, umm..


Well, I just realized that I started woodFriendship Woods instead by accident. So I have to finish that one first. Oh well.

2. Get All Facts Fluent on Reflex Math  ? 

I had all facts fluent in the middle of May…. does that count? 
3. YWP NaNo Workbook and Prep! 100% Busted

I finished theENTIRE BOOK… On May 2nd! I’m so awesome wait that was conceited 

4. Finish Mini Dress Changed……ish. 

Well, the one I intended to finish was different, but I finished a different one…..? What’s up with the periods

5. Customize Mini Molly X

Let’s just say my money went towards….. different things. again with the periods

June Goals

  1. Finish Friendship Woods , which you can find here.
  2. Customize Uni’s Isabelle 

Well, Uni actually let me buy her Isabelle… for $20! Now I just need to buy that wig…

 3. Start Camp Dolly Hollows 

Further information later!

4. Get 10 followers 

Help me out with this one! Scroll down to the footer to do it. 


Signing out, 

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Emmie 💖

Hey there! *Sips tea* I’m a tween aspiring authoress, type-one-diabetic, child of God, dancer, and blogger. My username is EmeraldPhoenix, but most people call me Emmie. Thanks for stopping by! ~Emmie

12 thoughts on “June Goals+ Wrapping Up May+ Hiatus Notice

    1. Wait, did it say month? I meant week. And it’s starting on Saturday. Oops.
      I love the NaNo Workbook! It was super fun. I also purchased a notebook to dive deeper in to my characters with.
      Thank you for your comment! It is much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The wig for Isabelle is so cute! But I know this an older post so I was wondering if you are still going to rewig Isabelle. LOVE your blog!

    Liked by 1 person


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