May Goals

Hello, my lovely readers! Happy May! 
1. Start Finding Faith Photostory Series

Yup. You heard it. Photostory Series. Lissie will be the star. 

It will mainly be about a Runaway Princess (Played by my beautiful Felicity) who travels through time to 2017. There Anika (the runaway princess) meets new friends, discovers she has powers, and defeats the Evil Enchantress, Vonarchessa. 
2. Get All Facts Fluent on Reflex Math
I’m so close! Only a few division facts to go! 
3. YWP NaNo Workbook and Prep!

Yup, I’m doing National Novel Writing Month Young Writers Program! 
I’ve got a pretty good story, a main character (Emryn. If I get cough cough sneeze Wil-cough-la cough I will rename her this) supporting character (Amor) and a nasty villain I will not spoil. 

4. Finish Mini Dress
Title says it all.
5. Customize Mini Molly

I had a cool custom idea! I found out that AG still sells Mini Molly. That means, I purchase Mini Molly, remove her braids, layer her hair, put it in a bun, leave a few curls out, and voilá! I have Sara-Jane! 
Signing out, 

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Emmie 💖

Hey there! *Sips tea* I’m a tween aspiring authoress, type-one-diabetic, child of God, dancer, and blogger. My username is EmeraldPhoenix, but most people call me Emmie. Thanks for stopping by! ~Emmie

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