Happy Birthday, Unicorn! + AG Store Trip + Meet Logan!

Read Lissie’s version Here.Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Uni, Happy Birthday to you! (Uni is the one on the left) 

April 20, 7 years ago, little sissy was born! (BTW, I am posting this on the 21 because we got back really late!

Tennney at the front of the store! She’s so pretty!

Felicity, that is not your display!

A pledge to girls… interesting…

Man, this bed is so cozy…

The back of Julie’s bathroom…(but her vanity is not included)

Elllie, what are you doing here? (Sorry its blurry) 

Another dramatic trio display, huh? 

I’m not so sure about that outfit…


Yay! Tenney’stage is not behind glass! (To bad I’m not Harry Potter… I could melt the glass to the display!)

Umm… Felicity, I don’t think you’re invited to this picnic.

MegaBloks is now MegaContrux! (Sorry for blurryness) 

Melody’s Bed is adorbs!


Lonely displays.


Just. Adorable. 😍😶

We asked a store clerk if they could get Felicity’s head tightened, and they did! Felicity was a very good patient. 



My darling girl. ⭐️ 

The same clerk got out the new Felicity doll from the office. They are completely different! From the eyebrows to the face mold, they are completely different dolls. It may not look like it, but the hair on BeForever Felicity is actually thicker than my Felicity.

The lady was really nice and she got us these cute little goodie bags. 

Guess who came home with us? Uni’s present was Logan!

The new packaging is very complicated.

She also got his drummer, which is hard to assemble.

There he is! 

For some reason, Uni wanted Logan to have glasses. 



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