Saint Patrick’s Day Craft!

I am sitting around going, ‘What do I do?” And then I remembered: tomorrow was Saint Patrick’s day! Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! So, here is some crafts for you guys. I hope you all enjoyed your spring break so far! =-] 

So just remember I am not a professional by any means. So please excuse the last minuteness of this project.

Shape some foil to look like a bowl shape.

Then line it with black fabric or black construction paper. I would of glued it, but it was time for bed and stuff so I used tape instead.

Cut up a straw into fourths. The paper kind works best for this.

Then stick them on to the pot. It doesn’t exactly stand up, but you can just lean it on to the wall of your doll’s party.

Then cut up some pieces of yellow construction paper. 

Look how perfect! The light was shining through the window in such an odd way, it created a rainbow!

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