American Girl Store Trip! (With pics this time!) 

So, today we went to the Houston Memorial City Mall American Girl Store! I was so excited to see Tenney and Logan in person. It might change my mind about Tenney! About Logan, I am really happy that they used Kaya’s face mold again! I also really hope they will make Tenney’s friend, Jana. Just, Tenney really looks like that one TM #24… hmmm….. I wonder if they did the same thing as the did to create Gabriella, take a Truly Me and pull up her hair in a ponytail and then stuff her in a meet outfit? Well, I guess Gabby’s things were basically revamps and repaints of Izzy and Marisol. And why do all the dancers have cats? Anyway, I’m getting a bit off topic. Isabelle was really excited when I told her she could post! Here goes… 😉 

Hi! I’m Isabelle! I am so excited to post on this blog and I am very honored to be the first doll to post on it! Here is the Trip! 

Our first stop was at the front of the store to view the truly me items!


…And more clothes.

Who would wear this?

“Hit the slopes”? Really, AG?

This outfit reminds me of the warm winter outfit, realeased a few Years ago.

Then we headed over to the BeForever section. Really, I think if Rebecca is gonna be an actress, she should be able to look at the camera and smile Normally. 

Don’t you just love Julie’s bathroom? From the looks of it, she just got back from a very intense, sweaty, basketball game! 

Kaya was very pleasant to talk to and she very generously offered to let me sit in her tipi.

We proceeded to the Gabriella area. It was very small and unpopular. Look at the packaging! 

Hmmm…. this ballet barre reminds me of mine… and really, this is supposed to be her big ticket item?

Taylor Swift  Tenney! She also is housed in the new packaging. Isn’t she just stunning?

I got to see Logan in person! I hear he might be coming home with us sometime soon…

Tenney and Logan look right at home on the stage! It looks so much more high quality in person!

Can’t… fit… through… the… Wellie Midgets… door!


Isn’t Willa just darling? I babysat for her once or twice.

Look how different the old packaging is from the new one!

I wish the theater could fit me!

So it was a very successful, short, trip. I’m luckyI live so close to it! 


Isabelle Lanie 



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