The Valentine’s Day Dance! 

Sorry about the late post. I ran out of time yesterday. Hope ya’all had a great Valentines Day! Did you eat lots of chocolate? :p The dolls had a valentine’s Day dance! Here are some super cute pics of the event+the school day! 

The Dolls watched a movie about how Valentine’s Day got started during class.

Emoji cookies! I got this craft idea from

Alex preformed a special song for the Dolls, her own cover version of “Ours” by Taylor Swift! 

There were some cool raffle prizes! 

Prize: Skate outfit Winner: Maryellen
Prize: Bitty Baby Bunny Slippers Winner: Jake (My sister, Diamond Unicorn, her baby doll)
Prize: Roller Skates Winner:Alexandra
Prize: Hiking Boots Winner: Lea
Prize: Ballet Slippers Winner: Isabelle
Prize: Neon Compass Watch Winner: Jake
Prize: Neon Compass Watch Winner: Jake

There was also a dance contest! Here are the winners! 

First place goes to: Jenny! 🥇 She earns the gold medal for sitting and drooling so elagantly!  

Second Place goes to: Jake! 🥈Good job with those killer backflips,Jake! 


Third Place goes to: Maryellen! 🥉 She grooved her best tonight! Give it up for Marylellen! 👏 

The Dolls had so much fun! What did YOU and your dolls get for Valentine’s Day? Comment below! 
From your 18″ Friends, 

From left to right:Front: Alexandra, Lea, Mrs. Addams, Maryellen, Isabelle

From left to right: Jake, Jenny

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