Raffle Prizes, Tenney Grant, and Logan Everett

So, my school had a father-daughter dance last night! It was wonderful! The theme was winter wonderland, even though it NEVER snows in Texas:|. But, there was a raffle section with American Girl prizes! I put, like, ALL my tickets in those. And guess what… I WON BOTH!

The first one consists of two TM outfits, each complementing a different season.

Outfit #1 contains of a light purple sweater that is soft to touch. The purple colors on the zipper dress look beautiful with the purple themed arrangement of colors. Yes, the zipper really works! I love how the shiny headband adds the perfect touch to the outfit. But it doesn’t fit very well. This outfit reminds me of winter, but it could work in the fall.

Outfit #2 contains a purple shirt with green butterfly embroidery. The plaid shorts have pockets that really work! I love the deatails on the sandals. Very realistic! (Not shown: scrunchie with flower attached) This one is like spring or summer.

The second one has an assortment of AG books, some used and some new. I’ve already read one!

Lanie is GOTY 2010.
This one is kind of like Oodles of Horses.
This one is the old version.
This is the book that I was talking about; the book I just read
These are so cute!
I think I’ve already read this one, though.
I will definitely use this one! =P
Isabelle saw this and claimed it right away. Now she can practice her design skills on paper!

Also, our AG magazine came in the other day. And look!

I looked up the web addresss, americangirl.com/playtenney, and it was not recognized. Then I looked up AG’s Official site and I couldn’t find her ANYWHERE! Well, it WAS the March issue, so maybe I’ll wait and check it out later. But I’m seriously considering getting her! And my sister, Diamond Unicorn, wants Logan the American Boy Doll. What??

Also, I’ve heard rumors about Felicity coming back this summer! Oh, I WANT BOTH DOLLS! How will I decide?

UPDATE: I actually put in americangirl.com\playtenney by accident. 

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